Vonny turns the big 18-amondo!

Now, to start off, of course, I'd like to wish one fellow GSBian a happy, happy birthday.

But it isn't any old birthday; no no. In fact, Agent Vonnifer of GSB has turned the big 18. This means that here in Australia, she can now drink and do lots of cool, 'repsonsible' stuff.

Unfortunately, I was unable to contact Siobhan for a formal interview leading up to this happiest of celebrations.

But I will do my very best, at describing the many talents and pwnsomness of one particularly veteran-ed GSBian. I know, it might just seem as I am stating the obvious about her... but please don't hurt me.

Vonny was born on July 24th, 1989. Whoa, she was born in the freaking 80's.

Okay, I'll try and stop now.

Not only has she been an active member of GSB for over two years, but her kindness and sheer brilliance has made her a friend for many members. Blessed with an extrodinary brain and a magnificent talent for Photoshop. No wait, I'll get this right. Vonny was blessed with a magnificent talent for Fireworks. I will never forget that. : D

My first interaction with vonny ocurred on old GSB. I still remember it ever so clearly; I had posted a journal, being all 'OMG!' at the situation that had arisen that morning. My beloved horse, Della, had choked on her hay, and well, I won't go into the graphic details involving her food to begin to come out of her nose. Luckily she was fine.

But I still remember vonny's comment:
"...eww. I don't like horses. They scare me."

And following my reply, she then wrote:
"XD They're too big. I like cats."

Yes, Vonnifer is one for her cats.

She also created me a spiffy icon on April 24th, 2007 at 02:52pm. Yes, I even copied the exact date and time from my inbox.

And just to straighten things out, I am blessed with an extraordinary memory. I'm not... a ... stalker.

All in all, vonny is one super hip cool dudette. Our shared obsessions helped draw us together, and now I can go on about Doctor Who or Harry Potter for ever and ever. Her contribution to GSB society has been amazing - but could we expect any less from such a pwnsome GSB veteran? Wink

And to finish off, fair vonny, I made you a birthday biscuit, but David Tennant began munching on it. >_>



And stop getting old. : D
Posted on July 24th, 2007 at 10:57am


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