short story for short story lovers ... part one

HEADFIRST FOR HALOS! part one by:FrankieOreo

Gee woke up to the sound of his alarm clock.
"great another miserable day that i dont get to kiss her lips." Gee thought to himself.
mikey ran into his room.
"GEE! guess whos here to see me!!!???" mikey yelled jumping around.
"oh wow... i cant figure this out ... youre gonna have to tell me mikey. who is it?" gee sarcastically asked.
"MARIA!" mikey yealled.
"" gee sighed, "now can you leave me alone so i can get ready for another miserable day at school?"
"... fine!" mikey yealled going back downstairs.
"shes gone from my life... now into my brothers. i guess ill just have to get over it then cause theres t=nothing i can do." gee said coldy pulling on a pair of black tight pants.
"FUCK. i lost the one girl ive ever loved to my own brother..." he thought as he left his room for the bahroom.
"...hi ... gee.." maria said standing in the hallway.
gee glanced at her and replied. "hi..." he returned his eyes on the bathroom door as he kept on walking.
"why doesnt he love me ... he doesnt even care about me anymore.. but i love him SO much..." maria thought to herself as she went back downstairs wiping the tears from her eyes.
Gee brushd his teeth and peeked his head out the door to see if she was still there.
"she doesnt even care about me... damn i love that girl.... why doesnt she love me anymore?" gee asked himself as he headed back into his room to grab his school stuff and apply eyeliner.
he went downstairs.
"c'mon... or we'll miss the bus." Gee said coldly as he walked out the door.
Gee sat alone looking out the window the whole time except when he snuck glances at maria who was sitting by her friend ringo.
they got to the school. Gee saw his friend curly fry [ray toro] and walked up to him.
"hey, did you get anywhere with the 'maria' situation?" curly fry asked.
"i'd rather not talk about it right now." gee said noticing ringo walking over to them.
"HI GUYS =) " she blurted. she sat down next to them, "okay im gonna say this the nicest i can. Maria told me to tell you she wants absolutally nothing to do with you."
"well thats nice to hear cause i feel the excact same." gee said coldly getting up walking towards the main enterance to the school.
"you know, you and i shouldnt interfere with their love life. its none of our buisiness. but if you want we can start our own love life?" curly fry said raising his eyebrows at ringo.
"EWWW! RAY! that was SOOO uncalled for!" ringo said storming off. ringo told maria what gee had said.
"this worked out for the best then. he obviously doesnt love me anymore so i guess the only way i could get over him is by removing him from my life completely." Maria thought to herself.
"ill be back ringo stay here." maria yelled running into the school leaving ringo all alone.
"jeez," ringo thought to herself as she looked around, "the only face i know out here is ray's ... but eww i dont want to talk to him.. but i dont want to look like a nerd or a loner..." she walked over to ray.
"you looked like you were in deep thought over there," ray started, "did you have to think about coming over here that hard? i didnt think i was that gross..."
"no ray ... im sorry .. i dated you in like the 3rd grade... gyad if i still liked you we would be dating right now." ringo said sitting down next to him.
"jeez i was kidding! ... and i'd relly appreciate it if you called me curly fry, thanks." ray, i mean, curly fry complained.
"sorry curly fry..."ringo appologized.
"dude! no more saying sorry! seriously!" ray complained.

back to maria**

maria walked into the womans bathroom. she looked under a couple stalls to make sure no one was in there. she threw up in the sink, looked in the mirror discusted in herself, and fell to the ground crying.
"please dont cry maria..." said a familiar voice.
he walked out of the stall and walked up to her.

**continued later****new idea***

Posted on August 12th, 2007 at 04:17pm


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