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Meg Ooohhh miii gawwwd I swear Warped Tour gets better every year. You really can't beat seeing all of these great bands for 30$, it's so worth it. And unlike alot of other tours, their merch isn't exspensive. I looove Warped Tour. There are so many bands, there is bound to be someone you like. I mean, my mom goes with me and our music interests aren't that similar. Plus, bands go out and promote themselves on Warped Tour so you can discover new music. There was this one band who asked me to listen to their CD that I really liked, Run Doris Run was their name. I'd never heard of them before but I liked them.

So I woke up around 8:30 (oh, so early) and left to get my friends.
lmfao Brittany and her vitamin water.
We were in the car for like.. 15 minutes before Jimmy fell asleep Smiley

Well, we got there and the first band we wanted to see was the Matches. I've heard them before and I adore them, but I'd never like seen them enough to recognize them. So according to the schedule, they were playing the Hurley Stage. So we get there and this band walks out...
I was all "GZA yaaaay!" Then they start playing and Im like what the heck! This is so Bayside (which the one song we stayed for was great). So, there was two Hurley stages and we had to sprint to the other one to get there in time to hear them finish up. I was really impressed with the matches and I got their new album which I plan on writting a review for later.

After the Matches we saw Killswitch Engage
I didn't get very good pictures of them, because when I was taking them we were far back, and when we got closer it was too crazy to get my camera out. They were by far the most humerous band. Some ..interesting comments about emo children were made. Right as we got to the front, the band was like "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE WALL OF DEATH IS???" and they started spliting the crowd, of course, right where we were. Half my friends ran to one side and half to the other and I was in the middle with a few other people and I couldn't decide which side I wanted. Then Howard Jones yelled "PICK A SIDE [bleep]!!!" I was like " Smiley OMG!" So I ran down the middle and got the hell out of there. That kind of moshing is much too hardcore for me. I was also really impressed with Killswitch live, alot of vocals in bands like that sound horrid live but theirs were great.

We were walking to another band and we got to hear an accoustic Paramore set. It was in this ~VIP~ area so we couldn't see them, but we heard them. It was ok but we didn't hang around to listen. After that we saw Big D and the Kids table, greatest Ska band ever, seriously. To be honest, their vocals are not so hot live. But then again, they aren't that great on their albums either lmfao. Their stage presense is what makes them so enjoyable. They're totally nuts. After that, we had to walk all the way across the venue to get to the stage where Paramore was playing. We walked by so many awful screamo bands it was kind of scary O_O Seriously, I don't think one good band played on the Hot Topic stage all day. If you go to warped tour ever, don't waste your time there.
Paramore was fantastic, they were one of the best bands that day. Even if you dislike them, you can't say they suck live or anything like that. They sound great, they look great and they connect with the audience well. Speaking of their audience, they were the most energetic that entire day.
Every 5 seconds someone would be flying over your head crowd surfing and thier mosh pit was pretty intense too. They made the Bad Religion and Sum 41 fans look like a bunch of preschoolers. It was 103 degrees outside the whole day, and this one girl next to us puked. It was gross and made me sick so I left the Paramore show early (I heard the end, I just wasn't in the crowd) to go get a Boys Like Girls autograph for this one loser I know. I didn't get to see them play, but I heard them while we were eating lunch. Their vocalist voice was SO high, more so than usual. I didn't know that was possible, but it was. They were nice to listen to. After we ate we went back to where Paramore had played because Chiodos was up next. I honestly think Chiodos is not that great of a band. They scream too much. If screaming is now music then I should have gotten a record deal when I was two. But whatever, different people have different tastes. They had a really big crowd. So, if you're into that kind of music then I guess they were good. My friend Brittany is in love with them and she was all "Cassie" after their show. After that we walked around and shopped at all the merch booths because the next band we wanted to see didn't come on until 6:30 I think. I was supposed to get a Meg and Dia autograph but I sort of passed out Coolio It was soooo hot and I didn't drink enough water, so I was like half dead laying in the grass. I got over it though. Lesson learned! Stay hydrated at Warped Tour or you'll regret it. We walked by Bad Religions stage and they had the craziest pit ever, it was like in a circle around the sound booth. Nuts. I took a picture of it but my thumb ended up in it.
Flogging Molly was by far the best band of the night. Everything was perfect. Vocals, rythem, sound, stage presense, EVERYTHING!. I was up pretty close, but I was still half dead so I was a sissy and went and sat on the hill with Brittany. My mom got stuck in their mosh pit. I was like dying of laughter, although she got out of there about as quickly as she could. Mr. Green
I got to meet flogging Molly later, they were so awesome. They signed my Drunken Lullabies CD and a sign for that same loser I got the Boys Like Girls autograph for. The sign said "Molly Likes Boys" and they read it and gave me this "wtf?" expression. I was like "OMG NO YOU GUYS DON'T LIKE BOYS THAT'S MY FRIENDS NAME" lmfao
tehe Dave called me love in his ~Irish~ accent. I died. tehe tehe tehe and Dennis called me sweetheart tehe tehe

The last band we saw was Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I also them them at Warped Tour last year, and they were great. This year, not so much. Their vocals were off pitch the entire night. Their music wasn't even in sync. It was almost like they weren't even trying O_O You could tell how pissed their crowd was. Alot of them had came here to see that specific band, dealt with 103 degree weather all day, and then they had to see that sucky performance. I was not impressed. I would have just left then, but my friend Jesse had came specifically to see them so I stuck it out.
That was the Molly sign File
And, Jimmy's lazy ass fell asleep again on the way home. Dork.
Posted on August 16th, 2007 at 01:10am


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