Popularity and/or The "Cool" Groups

Yep, chances are you'd know a bunch of kids who are known as the cool ones.
There's a group of "cool" kids in my year level, and really, they're not the nicest of people. Some of them pretend to be nice to people, the rest just leave us alone. They all look down on us others, though.

How many of you have seen the movie Mean Girls?
Cast your minds back to the scene where Regina compliments a girl on her skirt. She then turns to Cady and whispers, "That is the most fugliest skirt I have ever seen."
That's what it's like in my year level. Not as full on as Mean Girls, but just little things like that.
The "cool" girls I know are the pretty girls, the fairly smart girls, the sporty girls. But are they really popular?

The Oxford dictionary definition of popularity is "being generally liked". Many of the "cool" or "popular" girls I know aren't liked by everyone.

So, going by the Oxford definition, popularity isn't being pretty, having a boyfriend and being good at sport.
Being popular isn't being a b-word. That is why I've put the word "cool" in quotation marks. Because bagging people out behind their backs, that's not cool.

Note: I do know that there are popular girls that are really nice. I'm just going by people I know. And yes, this blog is slightly stereotypical. Forgive me.
Posted on August 27th, 2007 at 10:02am


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