Flash Mobs.

Flash Mobs.

Wikipedia can describe a Flash Mob as

“A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, do something unusual for a brief period of time, then quickly disperse.”

I can describe that better. Basically, a Flash Mob is getting together around 50 people (or any amount of people) and doing something random together. These random things can be having a Pillow Fight, or singing to the ‘Happy Birthday’ song, all together in a public place, after this is done, the people go away back to their normal routines and disperse.

It is encouraged that you do not go away with large groups of other Flash Mobbers or laugh in hysterics either, this is to ensure that the stunt looks professional and maintain the randomness. This also helps it look like is wasn’t planned.

Flash Mobs are usually organized by groups on the internet, mostly they can be found on myspace. Once you add them to your ‘Friends’, you can receive updates to when and where you have to be on the given date of the Flash Mob. You give them your mobile number as well, this allows them to send you text messages as to where to go to at a specific time.

Once you have got this text message, you have to follow the instructions of it carefully. I am apart of the Melbourne Flash Mob, and I will explain how it worked for me on that specific day.

I was in Melbourne’s CBD (the city), and I got a text message saying

“Between 1:00-1:25pm, go to the Pushka Cafè , located in Presgrave Place, off Little Collins Street, near Swanston Street.

Ask for a McPushka to get your item. You will receive second mob instructions at 1:30pm.”

So I went to the café and asked for a ‘McPushka”, and what I received, a party blower whistle thing,


Once I had this item, I waited in the area for the next instructions. Around 1:30, I received a text message that said

“Go to the corner of Bourke and Swanston street Tram Stop at 1:40. Form 2 equal lines facing each other, make one line of people against the ‘Politix’ shop, and another line os people against the statues. Start blowing your whistles at 1:42 and when people with bags walk throught, disperse quickly”

So when I got that text message I did what it said and went to that exact place and waited with my party blower whistle. More people came, about 50 of them, and out of nowhere, one person started blowing their whislte, and then all you could hear from then on, about 50 of us doing it all at once! This went on for about 2 whole minutes.

I gotta tell ya, its hard work to be honest, I nearly passed out, I should have taken a breath, but it was so fun, watching other people's reactions towards that random stunt. At the end of it, I walked off with a strait face and went back to doing whatever.

I highly suggest that you join a Flash Mob, they do not harm the environtment, and they confuse people a lot. Feel free to go on youtube and look at some Flash Mobs in other countries. Here are some links to funny videos…

Flash Mob in Berkeley Califnornia. People pretending they are Ninja's.

Melbourne Flash Mob, people play 'BANG!' on Bourke Street

Myspace Flash Mob groups.
Nottingham Flash Mob

Nashville Flash Mob

Philedelphia Flash Mob

Melbourne Flash Mob

I hope you enjoyed my blog, i just thought that you guys might like to know about Flash Mobs.

Posted on September 19th, 2007 at 03:22pm


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