A little ray of sunshine.

Have you ever found something that blew you away?
Something so perfect that just the thought of it makes you smile and can make your stomach jump?
Something that you truly love?

Now when i say "love", i mean the love where you note and accept all of their flaws.
Where you can see the beauty in anything they do, and you accept them for whatever they do?

Yeah well; i've found something like that.

People laugh at me for loving them so much.
But i don't care.
Because they can give me the biggest high in the world with the simplest thing.
And they just make me happy.

Their songs can make me see the good side of things.
They make me dance until 1am in front of my mirror; and no matter how horrible i feel, when i hear Tom or DanDans voice, i literally feel like all the bad things just melt around me, and it's all perfect again.
It's bliss.
I can't even explain it.

The only other band that has ever made me feel this way was Green Day.
And that's saying A HELL OF A LOT.

I first found them last year; after seeing Just My Luck; just like a majority of the McFLY fans out there did aswell.
And of course, i fell in love with Danny.
He made my heart go all happy and made me all giddy.
But when my mate became obsessed with them, i gave up because if i couldn't have them as my own band, then i didn't want them at all.
Wierd, aye?

But as time went by, i listened to a few songs by them.
And it wasn't till about a moth or two ago, i fell in love all over again.
But not just a crush love, but a love that you will never forget, and something that will always stay with you.
A permanent love.

I went back to loving Danny, but as i explored McFLY; each of the boys individually; something changed.
I noticed the little boy, the baby of the group, who hardly spoke a word; with a quirky personality; and a messed up and confusing brain.
I realised the Dougie Lee Poynter was a little bundle of joy.
And he can make me smile through anything.

Of course; i have my days.
I have my Tom days, where a dimpled smile can make me go insane, and hearing him sing makes me feel that extra bit higher.
And my Harry days.
When i get excited and i feel a little adventurous when i think about him.

But all in all, i'm crazy about my Dougs.
I think he rly is flawless.
And i couldn't love him more if i tried.
I just wish he would notice me the way i notice him.

But to cut it short; McFLY are my loves.
I adore them to the moon and back, and i'm far more dedicated than you would understand.
I honestly love them.
And i think i always will.
Posted on October 15th, 2007 at 10:26am


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