Getting 'There' With the Boys and the Band

Damien Perry, Drummer - 17 yrs old
Salem Anthony, Bass guitar - 15 yrs old
Maverick Lee, 50/50 Singer - 16 yrs old
Alea, 50/50 singer & Rythym guitar - 18 yrs old
Me, Lead guitar - 14 yrs old
We may run our recording studio out of our basements, but Of the Broken and the Beaten is finally getting there.
Where is there? It's hard to say. For some people, it's where Green Day is; Fame. For me, it's finishing the EP and starting the Sorry is for Suckers music video. It's playing for a couple dozen in Sydney's basement. It's having a blast and rockin' out with my friends.
Now, with everything coming together, I feel pretty damn close to getting there. The EP still has two tracks left to record, and the vid. has been post-poned (due to a fucked up camera and Salem's injury), but I like where we are Smile I have a feeling Salem would beg to differ...xD
I've lost my train of thought, so I'll end this blog with this quote:

"A band is nothing without it's members; A sucessful band is nothing without a bond."
Posted on January 15th, 2007 at 08:59pm


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