My heroes.

Okay, maybe this is getting a bit clichéd, but I feel it's important to pay at least a small tribute to the people that make every day that little bit brighter.

First off, Green Day. =]


Basically, Green Day were the band that really, truly got me obsessed with music. The meaning, passion, energy, it enticed me so. No matter what I listen to, Green Day always seem to be near the root of it. And, seeing as music has had a huge impact on my life, I have to thank Green Day for actually getting me into music in the first place and being the cause of most of this.

Then, there's my family. not enough people really ever mention their family, and yeah, we have our ups and downs. Sometimes, family life is hell. But, my parents brought me into this world and everything they do seems to have my best interests at heart, even if it doesn't have the desired effect. They've always supported me and always will. My little brother is an inspiration to me, he works so hard and has had so much upheaval, yet he's still totally laid back and happy. I wish I could be like that, I wish i could be happy, no matter what. And the rest of my family, especially my grandparents, have just looked after me for fourteen years. I doubt I'd be able to cope all that time, but they have and I really admire them for it.

Then, My Chemical Romance.


You're probably thinking "I've heard this a million times before", but hear me out a sec. Firstly, I think they're an amazing band. The music they makes is beautiful and they're really inspirational. Secondly, they really taught me the value of human life, the fact that everyone is valuable and has something to give, and not to go and throw it away. They inspired me to write, helped solidify a fair few friendships and taught me that no matter how bad things get, you can always pull out of it, one way or another. They may or may not have saved my life, I don't really care, they've done more than enough for me and "what if's" are pointless, we're not supposed to control life.

Next, McFly.


Yes, McFly. There probably one of the very few bands I can honestly say I adored from the very start. No matter what anyone says, I haven't grown out of them yet and probably never will, and that's more than fine by me. They've got me through some really rough times, because no matter what, they can always seem to make me smile. Always. If that's too hard to believe, fine, I don't need you anyway. But basically, they're like sunshine to me, and we all need a bit of it. That's probably the best way can put it, it doesn't cover enough, but it's getting there.

Then they're is Katy, you may know her as Zwitter.Teh.Secks. She's a truly wonderful person and she means so much to me. Okay, I've only known her a year, but at times, it feels like I've known her since the very beginning of time. She's always been there to listen to me whine, but you'll rarely ever hear her complain. She's always been warm, inviting and doesn't mind when I act so completely silly most of the worlds population would like to saw my head off. Hell, she even joins in. We have about a thousand nicknames for each other and too many stories. But better still, she's never, ever hurt me at all. She's my best fucking friend too, I could trust her with not only my life, but those of the others I call my 'heroes'. I know nobody's perfect, but I just can't seem to fault her on anything, she's beauty incarnate. She always manages to make me happier too, her mere existence is enough to reassure me everything will be alright. She deals with my problems, those of others and her own without ever complaining and she's simply amazing, I don't know where I'd be without her.

My good friend Heather deserves a mention too. I've known her since I was five, nine long years. Okay, she's not always the perfect friend and she can be a little insensitive at times, but she's never, ever given up on me. She's the one person who's always been by my side, through thick and thin. She looks after me, really, keeps me pretty much insane. I love her, simply for everything, even watching the Naruto videos which actually scared me, because she's never tried to change me, she hasn't (successfully) murdered me and in nine years, I still haven't got bored of her, which is an amazing feat.

Then, there's a girl I haven't known for a very long time at all. Her name is Sian, and you'll probably know her. I don't know what it is about her, but even though I've only known her for about a month, she's fast becoming one of my best mates, even if she is the newest. Why? Because she just has a way of making my smile a little bit wider. There's something about her that makes me want to trust her with so much, even though I don't know her very well yet. Maybe it's jsut because she's got a fantastic personality, whatever it is, it doesn't matter. She's pretty much amazing.

And then, my best guy friend, James, also known as Panda, I doubt many, if any of you will know him, but he lives on the otherside of the country to me. That's never really meant anything though, he amazes me. He's intelligent, sensitive and caring and he really looks out for me. Even if it's because I can't sleep after watching 'Ghost-hunting with McFly' because I'm too scared, he'll still stay and text me until half one in the morning. He really puts himself out for others and deserves just the same in return.

Now, two in one, Blue and Mary. I've been friends with these two for over a year and although I've never, ever met them, they're two of my best friends. They have a bond between them that's so strong, it's scary, they manage to get through everything together. You'd think they'd be quite exclusive, but they're not. They always find a way to include me and are generally just always there for me, no matter how bad it gets for them. They'll never give up on me and I owe them the same.

Then, they're are people like Lizzie, Lili, Squidge, Richard, Imy, Rozi, Jason and Dreya. They're my friends, some of my best too. Yet I never really seem to credit them enough. We may not talk constantly, have a million different inside jokes or be bestbestbestbestBEST friends, but they're far too good to me. They're my true friends, because no matter what, they're always there for me to fall back on, always there to lend an encouraging word, a helping hand. They're true friends and I believe in them, no matter what. To be honest, they deserve far more credit than they get, because they make ever day a little bit brighter. Which can make so much of a difference, really it can.

If you're mentioned above, or are just a spiffing mate to me [you'll know who you are], just know, I'll love you forever. <3

Another year over,
And we're still together,
It's not always easy,
But I'm here forever.
Posted on October 26th, 2007 at 04:44pm


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