Have you noticed that in the past 5 or so years technology has risen and risen and it's at its best at the moment?

Do you remember primary school? The coolest thing was going on your Dad's computer and trying to draw people on paint. Nowadays, the coolest thing is the Apple iPhone. Playing on paint is like scribbling on the side of your maths homework, it passes time but its not interesting.

Students at primary school have mobile phones better than the phones the majority of us have. Having a mobile phone in primary school now is like having a Paul Jennings book, its no big deal. Its interesting, sure, but you won't obsess for long over it. Its just another novelty to have lying around.

I wish things would go back to the way they used to be. Kids in year five have myspace. I didn't even know what myspace or msn were in year 5! Ignoring the fact that I don't think myspace was made in 2004, anyway. They have iPods/MP3 players, mobiles, myspace, msn...they have everything they want!

What is having everything when your 8 years old going to do for you in the future? I would rather work for something and have the satisfaction of getting it at the end.

Ok, so I think I'm rambling but I'm in deep thought. I need to pass my thoughts through...bare with me.

As for Myspace, it says 'default picture' that young are posting pictures of themselves on myspace! Oh and that also brings the topic of digital cameras, everyone has one of those these days. But having a myspace picture..obviously if you're in year 5 you want to look a little older. Its making the young kids want to look older and in that case, they're growing up too soon!

Back when my sister was in high school, she got her first mobile in year 9. I'm not even in year 9 yet and I have a mobile! Technology has caught up with me, too. I have a phone, mp3 player, computer, CD player and a broken digital camera.

I don't know where this is going, I just want to express my views on technology.

I, personally, think its come far enough. We, the human race, are getting lazier and lazier as remote controls come out that control everything in the one room. A phone holds a camera, internet, emails, messaging, you name it, it has it!

There's also Playstations, Xboxes, Nintendos but...I think you get my point.
Posted on November 12th, 2007 at 07:24am


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