Yes, it's another anime blog I'm afraid. I just watched the Gravitation series, which is on thirteen episodes only, plus an ova ( it's like a sequel ) on two episodes. I must admit that the series itself, doesn't have a good story line in particular, and after reading the first manga, I discovered that the manga is slightly better than the anime. However, if you like anime and/or shonen ai ( boyxboy ), Gravitation is definitely something for you, and even though the story line isn't great, it's worth watching.

Gravtiation is about the eighteen year old boy Shuichi Shindou. He is in a band, Bad Luck, with his best friend Hiro ( later on a third member appears; Suguru Fujisaki ). He wants Bad Luck to become as big as his favorite band, Nittle Grasper, and is during Bad Luck's first concert "saved" by NG's singer, Ryuichi Sakuma. Bad Luck is also in competition against ASK, a one-million-records-selling band, for getting a record deal with Tohma Seguchi, one of the former members in Nittle Grasper.
Shuichi is always hard working, writing songs for the band, and in result he meets up with the famous novelist, Yuki Eiri, which is not impressed by Shuichi's song writing. This somehow upsets Shuichi, who ends up falling in love with the novelist, who in return falls for him little by little. During their relationship, Shuichi tries finding out what's bothering Yuki, who's a rather mysterious character with a past that mustn't be spoken of. However, as in every typical Japanese shonen ai show, one character does all the chasing while the other keeps pushing them aside.

The anime is on thirteen episodes plus two ova, while the manga is on eleven/twelve books. I don't know whether the ova exists in book form or not, but 'Gravitation X' is under production, one book has already been released.

Posted on November 12th, 2007 at 06:13pm


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