Polexias music taste is going all wack, it's quite fun really, though i'm confused.

About a two weeks ago I downloaded some songs by Elliott Smith, I am now obsessed. First of all it’s very different then my other music, and in total I have wasted about 20 hours in two weeks trying to find something similar to “expand my music taste even more” but I have had no luck. (though I discovered the song “Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens is quite nice) Elliott Smith is just amazing.

Now lets go to my music taste about lets say… a mouth ago. The stuff on my profile, a lot of Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Nirvana. I now haven’t listened to Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance in like a week, (I used to listen to them about five times a day). It’s like mean Elliott makes me realize Fall Out Boy kinda sucks. so now it's like I hate Fall Out Boy but I like Fall Out Boy but I can't hate them because it was the first concert I saw and it was only like 20 days ago and it was fun and there songs are fun but I can't like them because they are Ashlee Simpson screwing sell outs and they can’t sing. And My Chemical Romance just isn’t that great anymore.

So now my music taste is going all crazy and I can’t even tell loving music apart from hating it. I still love Green Day, Nirvana, and the Beatles, ( I have been listing the Foo Fighters as well.) I have been listing to Nirvana a lot more often too, it’s amazing.

Elliott Smiths music is like addicting, I can't stop listening to it, it's so depressingly happy and awesome and moving and amazingly deep and I have been listening to it even more then Green Day and I almost like it more then Green Day but I can't because Green Day changed my life and made me hate Avril whateverherlastnameis and made me realize that she sucks and of there was no Green Day I would have no GSB. You people should really try listening to Elliott Smith though. Maybe Elliott Smith is the next Green Day, like despite the fact that they have nothing in common and maybe Fall Out boy is the next Avril, but also I haven’t listened to Fall Out Boy in forever so maybe I still like them. Also Nirvana and the Foo Fighters is pure amazingness.

As you can tell I’m really confused, also I think I am losing grammar skills. Not that I ever had any.
Posted on November 14th, 2007 at 02:15am


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