A horrible loss in intrest...

the purpose of this is...i guess to address my worry of losing intrest in guitar.I thought music news could fit this in there but i was like.....nah.anyway.
So i started playing guitar,starting from when i got my first guitar, 2 years,4 months and 8 days.Not that long compared to others of those we so love to hear on our rock albums and so forth.And to me, it sometimes doesn't feel that long but sometimes it does.Recently, guitar doesn't feel my needs.I enjoy making music i really do but it seems my intrest is fading.I believe a cause is that i just want to be good fast and i am not.I mean people say i am good but this is coming from people who don't play and have little concept of guitar.Another may be that i am just not getting out of it that i really want.Maybe a lack of a pushing force is also a nice chop in the trunk...I...don't really know what to do.I mean i have ideas but i doubt i will have anything that will make it long.People say the best way to keep going through something for long periods of time is to set goals.I have no goals that seem to be strong enough to lift.Of course i could set my goal to be that i need to get good so as to make a band and become rich and famous and get my word out.But such a world seems kind of empty don;t you think?I want something deeper...Maybe i could set my goal to be the best in the world so as to boost a nonexistent ego...If guitar wasn't the only thing i did all the time i wouldn't worry of this so but that is the case...
It makes me wonder if maybe i don't really have the spirit to want to play gitar rather i do something else...*sigh*damn...
Posted on November 15th, 2007 at 04:07am


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