Why do all the conformist kids win at life? (warning: very long)

There are a couple (maybe more then a couple) girls, (and probably boys, but I don’t really know the boys very well) in my school that are boring and unoriginal as hell. They are not bad people, they are in the most part very friendly. But the reason I don’t hang out with them as much as I do with the kids I do hang out with is because they have no interesting quality’s that make me want to socialize with them. I don’t know how these kids think, I can’t go inside their mind, But of what I see their weaknesses are pretty much what my “strengths” are. They don’t think outside of the box, they don’t have any intersects that most kids don’t have. Sounds boring right? Why would someone want to be like that? Well here is the thing, these kids….

Get better grades
Are popular
Have boyfriends
Are considered “more attractive”
Get attention
And are even favored by teachers.

Why? Are they smarter? Are they more fun to hang with? Are they prettier? I don’t think so, I think they just are followers.

Imagine two girls, here is the first one, lets call her Stacey. Stacey has shiny long blond hair, A nice figure, and fashionable clothes. Stacey has lots of friends and is very popular. Stacey is going out with the most popular boy in school, let’s call him Steve, he plays football and looks like a Abercrombie model. Stacey follows Steve around everywhere and laughs at whatever he says. Stacey listens to whatever is on the top ten charts, watches all the popular TV shows, and shops at all the “cool” stores. Not only is Stacey popular and charming, but she also gets straight As and is in honors, she is a great speller and has all her math facts memorized.

Now lets look at the other girl, lets call her Adrienne. Adrienne has dark hair, think square glasses, and wheres long hippy skirts in the summer, and mostly just jeans and a hoodie in the winter. Adrienne doesn’t have a boyfriend. When Adrienne is with boys her age she treats them like she treats anyone else. Adrienne has some kids she hangs out with, but not a lot of close friends. Adrienne listens to indie rock most people have never heard of, she watches discovery channel, and shops at thrift stores. Adrienne thinks very complexly, she is a wonderful writer and is very interested in social issues. However as smart as she is, she gets mostly Bs and Cs, she has some issues spelling and memorizing stuff. She hardly ever gets to express her ideas.

So whos more successful in life? Stacey. Adrienne’s creative thinking gets her no where, no one cares about it. Everyone thinks she is weird and kids make fun of her. Eventually Adrienne will become unconfident and upset. She will either conform and lose what makes her herself, but be successful or stay herself but fail, the question is, why does she fail?

The school system likes conformism. When you get a quiz does It normally say “explain your opinion and morals on this issue” or “what is the correct answer?”. It asks for the answer, just the answer, not your opinions, just if you can remember the answer. So if the really smart kid has memory issues the smart kid will often fail, he/she will be labeled as a student with poor grades. Therefore people will think of the student of stupid.

If a teacher asks you what two plus two is you would say four right? That’s the answer right? You learned that when you where like five. Well what if the teacher where to say “no it’s six” you would find that a bit stupid. Well the next day you get a test and it asks what two plus two is, would you answer “four” because that’s the correct answer? Or would you answer “six” because that’s what the teacher said it was and you don’t want to fail. Now if this where to be with something more controversial, like “was Columbus the first person to set foot on America” and the teacher said he was, would you answer “yes” because even though you know it’s wrong you want to obey the teacher and pass the quiz, or would you answer “no” because you know he didn’t and it would be wrong. Most people would say “yes” because they don’t want to fail. Well if everyone says that then eventually people will forget that the natives and early explorers where their first, and then we would all have forgotten an important part of history. But that’s all ok, because you passed the test, now you have a better chance of getting into Harvard, and you will do better in life. Right?

No. it’s not alright to just let people brainwash others and take advantage of and abuse their high powers. Also, when you write your essays for Harvard you will turn up with a crappy essay because you forgot how to use what my LA teacher (who is better then the teacher who says Columbus discovered America, even though she seems to hate me) calls HOTS (higher order thinking skills) the Harvard people see that and you don’t get in, so now you have to go to that crappy collage in Kansas or somewhere else with really flat terrain and a lot of tornadoes. (unless you like that, then you have to go to California or something with hills and few tornadoes). Also, you not having HOTS, makes it more likey for people to take advantage of you and brainwash you. So you become even more of a clone, and you get robbed as well.

It can go that way, or you can get more dumb questions like that, do well, get into Harvard, get a good job because you went to Harvard, but actually be very stupid. Sadly, that happens a lot. Few teachers have recognized what kids are skilled at things they don’t test. I don’t know if the kid conformist kid will do well and get into Harvard. I don’t know what will happen to Stacey and Adrienne, it all depends.

And it’s the same with social matters, People don’t want to have no friends, just like people don’t want to be stupid. So people conform so they have friends. This is not always the case, but many of the people who will conform to higher authorities also conform to be accepted by their peers. I used school, two kids, and grades as examples because that is something people in my age group spend time thing about.
So to make a very long blog ( that most people will not read fully) short. Although conformist kids seem to win at life, they are really just losers, because they don’t think independently. And if everyone thought like a conformist, this world would be so much worse then it is, and that’s pretty bad.

Also, I don’t have anything against, Harvard, blondes, good spellers, people with good memories, or people with good grades, as long as they are not brainless clones. I simply needed examples. I do have some issues with Abercrombie Models, conformists and flat places with tornadoes, even though I live in the Midwest.
Posted on November 27th, 2007 at 09:42pm


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