A Life Well Wasted (a song)

A Life Well Wasted

I had an amazing dream
Last night.
But forgot it the moment
That I opened my eyes.
I know it was good,
Because I felt it inside.
It spoke of truth,
But it seems to have lied.

It’s just another promise broken,
Another word unspoken,
A new years resolution,
Just another freely given lie.
A sleeping pill or two at night.
Caffeine high in the morning
For a thrill.

I had a great experience
But too soon did I blink
And it all went away.
Numb to the sensation,
But I can feel my heart breaking.
And I wonder what will be left…
By tomorrow.

It’s just another promise broken,
Another precious word unspoken,
A new years resolution
It’s just an echo,
Of a song.
To prove that I was wrong,
Leaving nothing to keep me warm
But my weak will.

- Jaime O.


Now all I have to do is write some guitar riffs to go with it :\
Posted on November 30th, 2007 at 12:32pm


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