How To Write A Story: The Fanfic. (part one)

Sorry it's been so long since my last blog, GSB, but I'm on summer holidays now so there is no excuse. :]

Since becoming a Story Editor on Mibba a few months ago I have become more aware of the stories written on the wonderful world of Mibba. It was then that I decided that I would make a contribution to people's writing skills (if they chose to read) via a GSB blog. And now I have finally gotten around to it.

This is part one of these blogs, and is specifically dedicated to a type of story known as a fanfiction, or simply 'fanfic'.

Fanfics come in hundreds of shapes and forms. They are (obviously) written by fans of a certain subject, whether it be a band or characters from books or movies. Some fanfictions are dedicated purely to sexual subjects - such as slash between band members.

For example:
Bike: Billie/Mike
Trillie: Tre/Billie
Frerard: Frank/Gerard
Waycest: Sexual stories involving incest between the Way brothers of My Chemical Romance
Please note: I am no slash expert.

First of all: What subject do you wish to write about?
This is the first decision you need to make. Firstly, what will your subject be based on (eg, members of a band), and secondly, do you know enough about the subject?
___Now, to do a fanfiction on a band such as Green Day, it may be helpful to know a little biographical information if you wish to make your story as realistic as possible (eg, girlfriends, kids, area of residence, lifestyles etc.). However, the best part about writing a fanfiction is the opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Cassie

The Plotline: How Do I Get One?
This is the part of your story that needs to get readers hooked. If doing a chapter-by-chapter story, it is best to have chapters that end of cliffhangers... that way people want to know what happens next. Aim for a little originality, rather than the typical 'girl goes on tour with band and falls in love' type thing.
___Finding that 'ultimate plotline' doesn't happen automatically. Really delve into your subject matter - research is always useful. For bands, scan websites for recent news that you might be able to build on. Read close recounts of their lives to find little events that could be turned into a story (or even a oneshot). Even photos may serve as a plotline-trigger - look at the setting of the photo and simply build, build, build.
___The best thing about writing fanfictions using book, movie or television characters is that the characters are already made. The key is the plotline. For example, a continuation from a book such as Harry Potter needs those references from previous books, seeing as it is a continuation. If it is oneshot slash between characters such as Harry and Draco, however, may require less reference. tehe
___Inspiration for finding plotlines is often difficult, particularly if you as an author are suffering from a terrible little ailment such as writer's block. Music is often a wonderful source of inspiration - to practice your writing skills listen to a song and scribble down a quick story/plotline which could realte to the song. Otherwise, sources of inspiration are purely personal. For me, I go for a bike ride down the lane to clear my head or ride my horse. Maybe I'll sit on the front gate for a while just looking across the fields while my mind ticks away. Try lots of different things - just before falling asleep or nighttime dreams is also a good time to think. :]

Getting your plot line sorted.
Now, the fun part. Working out how your plot line interacts with the characters.
___On a scrap piece of paper, write down the order of your plot line in list form, so it looks something like this:

Orientation: The introduction - characters, setting, time etc. (may take more than one or two chapters)
Complication: What the 'problem' is, the cause for the plot
Climax: The height of the 'problem', what happens as a result
Resolution: The conclusion of the story, whether it ends up happy or not. Result of the problem, what the characters have learnt, the changes.

Of course, not all stories specifically fit to these - such as stories that are merely dedicated to diary entries.
___Now fit everything in like a jigsaw puzzle. Note that this is not going to always come easily - you may very well have to do some choppin' and changin' to get everything flowing smoothly. But most of all - have fun! The beauty of writing is the limitless possibilities to your imagination. You're the creator of your own little universe, and you're creating the world for your characters.

So, there you have it, the first step to writing your very own fanfiction.

Next time: Character descriptions and developments, chapters, and story descriptions.
Posted on December 6th, 2007 at 11:29am


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