I've no idea what to call this.

I could paint you a picture
With all the blood that I’ve bled
And I could sing you a song,
With the words from my head.
I could write you a story,
Like no other you’ve read.
And I could scare you breathless,
With the creatures under my bed.

I could make your heart ache,
A trick I’ve learned well.
I could sell my soul to the Devil,
To ensure my place in Hell.
I could make myself cry,
And then lock up my shell.
I could put on a play,
And pretend you know me well.

But to avoid all the pain that these things would cause,
You could close your eyes tight and forget what once was.
I could make myself disappear, without a single pause.
And for all the things that I could do…

This would earn the most applause.


I started this a while ago, but never really finished it... Now, it's finished.

Please tell me what you think. Any suggestions for a title would be great too =]
Posted on December 23rd, 2007 at 02:00pm


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