My music taste has really changed

I never made a playlist before I’d say, October, but if I did it would look
Somewhat like this…


Now lets compare that to my playlist I made on Sunday….


Or even this one from a little over a month ago


So you might be thinking, A. who the hell are these new people on Polexias new playlist
B. why doesn’t Polexia like Fall Out Boy or MCR anymore, C. is Polexia turning into a
Indie kid? Or D. doesn’t she have better things to do then to make playlist and rant about her
Changing music taste?

These people (Elliott Smith, Bloc Party, Sufjan Stevens) are musicians I have just gotten into And that I will be talking about and driving everyone crazy with because no one cares. (sort Of how I used to talk about the weather.) No I still like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance, Just not as much, no I’m not becoming and Indie kid, (they would eat me for liking Green Day.) and Yes, I have nothing better to do right now.

This all started when I heard Elliott Smith this summer, I thought “oh wow, maybe there are more talented musicians I have never heard of hiding from me”. And there are, they just do a pretty good job of hiding. I go to a school where most kids have never heard of Nirvana (sad ,sad little children). So finding music that’s not on the top 50 is not something my peers help me with. So here are descriptions of three new people that are better then Panic! At the disco, or whatever.

Elliott Smith- This man is genius, so maybe he made bad choices in life, but I mean musically genius. I don’t understand why the whole world isn’t in love with him. One of the things people say about his music that pisses me off is “it’s too sad”. I mean this guy suffered from depression, he was abused when he was young by his stepfather, when he told his mom that was happening she didn’t believe him, he was in a mental institution that he didn’t belong in, he was a drug addict, etc. what do you expect him to sing about? puppies and kittens? He was an amazing lyricist, I had never cried after listening to a song like I did when I heard “A fond farewell.” It’s really deep. It’s also real, he was not a little emo kid with a wonderful life and no problems who pretended everyone hated him, and that’s why it’s so deep, it’s real. His music also varies a lot in styles, his early stuff mostly just used guitar, then he started using more instruments (a lot of piano,) and more upbeat tunes, His last CD “From A Basement on a Hill” is very different and a has lot more hardcore songs (probably because of his use of heroin.) But they lyrics never really change, and you really have to listen and think about them.

Bloc Party- This is a British band, I prefer their older CD (Silent Alarm) there new one is good but Silent Alarm is much better. This is a band I think most people on this site would enjoy because it’s not as folky as some of the other musicans. I found them on Itunes and clicked on the song “helicopter” and immediately liked it, so I have been downloading their music a lot, but I’m not an expert on them.

Sufjan Stevens- So at first I thought “who the hell is this weirdo?”. This guy uses like 20 instruments in every song and has a goal of creating a CD for every state. This music takes a while to get used to for me tp get used to because it’s very different then what I normally listen too. To be honest I don’t think most Green Day fans would like him, it might be too folksy, but I’d still give it a try. I found this guy on Itunes because they recommended him to me, at first I was like “this doesn’t sound like Elliott Smith, they said it does, that’s messed up, he sings about states and Elliott sings about how the world sucks” but I like the music anyway, once again I’m not an expert on this guy, I don’t like every song of his, but in all he is pretty good.

Also, I didn’t mean to offend any Emo kids or Panic at the Disco fans, this is just my personal taste.

Posted on December 25th, 2007 at 08:22pm


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