Choice, what a freedom, we have.The ultimate freedom and a freedom we use all the time. Hell, choice got me to writing this blog.
I personally hate choices. I have to much to choose and sometimes its just to hard when i feel the need to make a hard one. Choice, is on my small list of hates...maybes its large idk i don;t want to go into detail about my other hates. A reason i hate choice is persuasion. Choices can change from a chant in a crowd to a whisper in the ear and mine have pursauded by merely a whisper.Or maybe not a whisper, perhaps louder.
It is so disturbing to have want thing and a little leverage to one sinde make a decision that leads to something useless or a decision to something that is so spectacular that life needs say nothing more than what has just happened. sad that most of the time we don;t know which one is right. Just think, if society was never there and there was no right thing to do, no wrong thing to do, what freedom there would be.No pressure to hold you down and make things harder becuase it isn't right, or youd' hurt someone or worry of destroying something.
Now why speak of choice today on this morning just before the year. I would think obvious that i have ...choices. i could choose to take something in a leave something behind and possibly never look back or vice versa for the other. Another question could be asked here why so hard this choice? A tug at the heart. Now if i threw away all feeling and was left with my logical mind i have two ways:One, i tkae the way that looks nice but unsure of exactly every rock and tree on the way or two, go the way of roses and dandelion flowers with a large hill to block the great horizon....

undecisive i guess for now.... maybe the future will bring batteries so my light will work much better.

until then good day to you all and thank you for your time
Posted on December 31st, 2007 at 09:12am


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