Please Suport Me On This One

Before you think omg its one of these fucking dicks….read this whole blog!

"1. You have other albums than American Idiot"

"2. You know other songs than American Idiot"

"3. You have Bullet in a Bible"

"4. When someone says 'cool' you start thinking Tre Cool"

"5. Green is one of your favorite colors"

"6. You hate George W. Bush"

"7. You celebrate their birthdays"

"8. Your walls are covered in their posters"

"9. If you don't have all of their albums/dvd's, you never give up on looking for them"

"10. You're against war"

"11. You have sent an e-mail to George Bush from"

"12. You buy anything that has something to do with Green Day"

"13. You're not ashamed to wear their merchandise stuff in school or anywhere in public"

"14. You scream when you hear one of their songs on the radio"

"15. You buy every magazine that has something about them"

"16. You (almost) cry when you forget to watch one of their interviews on Tv"

"17. At least one of their songs has emotional meaning to you"

"18. You start laughing in the middle of a class in school when you remember
something they have said or done in an interview"

"19. If someone talks shit about them, you get offended and punch that motherfucker(or at least kick or something)"

"20. You have heard all of their songs"

"21. You listen to their music everyday"

"22. You remember many of their quotes"

"23. Some of their songs make you just wanna jump around and dance"

"24. You want to play guitar/bass/drums just like Billie Joe/Mike/Tre does"

"25. You make sure you spell the band name 'Green Day' and not 'green day' (or greenday)"

"26. You truly love each of the band members"

"27. You (almost) scream out of happiness everytime you watch Bullet in a Bible"

"28. You never shut up about them"

"29. You have read Catcher in the rye because it's Billie Joe's favorite book (and you loved it)"

"30. You have this on your profile"

----------------------------------------If you’re a tru Green Day Fan--------------------------

you know that all obove is a load of! I’m a Green Day fan A MASSIVE ONE! … favorite is not Green its red… does that mean im not a true Green Day Fan? To be a fan of a band all need is to like their music. Who ever wrote this is full of and I mean it! Why the hell should I let some as*hole tell me im not a true fan because my favorite colour just so happens to be red. I mean it things like these p*ss me off so much…… arnt green day the band that are telling us to be who want to be, and to be the minority? If you follow shit like this ……your going against what their saying arnt you? Green Day are a big thing in my life and its people like the person that wrote this that are giving Billie, Tré and Mike a bad name. I’m sorry if I have offended anybody but this is something that I feel really strongly about.

Posted on January 1st, 2008 at 02:21am


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