Bratz: A Weapon of Mass Destruction


A new trend; a new fad; a new influence; a new plague.

Bratz: The new trendy fashion icon, known to attract massive attention from young girls ages five to twelve. The fashions of Bratz vary from ‘Winter Craze’ to ‘Nature Girlz’, to ‘Punk Scene’ to ‘Preppy’.

They are just dolls, but what does their clothing, image and attitude really say about them?

I have a seven-year-old cousin who is a very typical seven-year-old girl. She loves flowers, the color pink, and dolls. But not any dolls, however- Bratz dolls.

One day when I was babysitting her, it was raining so we stayed inside. After resorting to watching Disney movies and playing Go Fish, she decided that she wanted to play dolls.
“Okay,” I said, and she brought down her big case of plastic dolls. She laid them all out”Yasmin, Cloe, Jade and the others. We played for a while, and then I began to really look at them. She had a pile of clothes and a row of dolls in front of me, and I couldn’t piece together what I wanted them to wear. Every item of clothing had been either see-through, fishnetted, or looked as though some horny porn star had just ripped it off.
“Why aren’t you redressing Cloe, Tori?” she asked me, holding her clothed doll up.
It was hard for me to answer. I couldn’t tell her what I was thinking in my mind, which was ‘Why do they have to dress like strippers?’. I just answered, “Because I don’t know what she wants to wear.”

An hour had passed and we had stopped pretending with the dolls, but we were just taking some time and brushing the dolls’ hairs and finding the best outfit to match their permanent make up. Out of the clear blue, my cousin takes Yasmin in her hands, runs her fingers through the dolls hair and looks at it dreamily.
“I want to be just like Yasmin when I grow up.” She said.
“Why?” I asked.
And she looked at me and said, “Because she’s skinny, pretty, and…she looks like a boy would really like her.” She paused and got really quiet. “Boys only like pretty girls who wear make up. Mommy says that they don’t, but I know they do because Bratz have big boobs and wear cool clothes and they say that boys like it.”

At that point I realized what these ‘harmless, plastic, little figures’ were doing to the young girls of the generation.

These dolls have gone from just being ‘cute and harmless’ to being ‘bad examples and provocative.’ There are many supporting answers to why I say this; a great deal of them could be found if you just think simply.

I grew up with Barbie as a child, as many girls of my age did. I could even say that some of Barbie’s clothes were not always appropriate, but then I would have to say that Barbie’s careers and home and fashion for girls are able to overrule and make up for it. But I’m afraid that if you could look at the fashion choices of Bratz, you could agree that the extent of damage is far too gone.

Bratz dolls have given the young girls of our generation the impression and idea that beauty lies of what is outside, even if that’s not the case at all. They have set the image of a 20-something-year old prostitute into the mindsets of girls’ ages 5-12. The dolls have corrupted the lessons that mothers have taught their daughters from their ancestors’ ancestors. I believe that these simple ounces of molded plastic have done damage for now, and I honestly believe that it will continue to get worse if these dolls continue to dress, act and promote to dress and act like them.

Yes, they are just dolls. Yes, you may think they are stupid. But out there, there are girls that use them as role models and it is our duty to stop them from using their judgment now as bad judgment in the future.

I know these are not the greatest examples of the Bratz dolls’ fashion, but I believe they are almost enough to get my point across. I encourage you to look in the Bratz aisle next time you go to a store.


^ This Bratz doll is wearing a mini skirt. But apparently the doll is supposed to be in the winter weather time.


^ These are Bratz Babyz. Look at their faces, the vibes they give off, their clothes. What do you think?


^ This Bratz is a superhero. Wait, did I mention that it’s a Bratz Babyz Superhero?


^This Bratz is a nail stylist. In my opinion, she looks like a woman from a Montley Crue video.


^She is a hair stylist. It’s a shame”they could’ve just said Las Vegas Strip and they could’ve gotten an add for Playboy.

<3 Tori

Comments would be appreciated.

Posted on January 2nd, 2008 at 12:06am


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