You can do it. You can fly.

Feather Boy - Nicky Singer.


About a week ago, I was at my auntie's house, looking for a book to read. I spotted this book and I took it home with me. I'm not giving it back to her, it's much too fabulous for that. Feather Boy came out in 2002 and it consists of 286 pages. I've read this book once, in three days. I've never been so attached to a book, not even Harry Potter.

'Robert is the class victim, the guy who's never picked for the team. So no-one is more surprised than Robert himself when a strange old lady sends him on a quest to solve the mystery of derelict Chance House. Legend has it that a boy once fell to his death from an upper window. But what has this past to do with Robert's future?
To get the truth, Robert must learn what it really means to fly.'

Feather Boy is a book for children around about my age, 13. But I guarantee you, anyone that reads it will love it.
It's a book about a young boy who is a victim of bullying. His relationship with the bully, is like a failed friendship.
Robert's parents are divorced. His father has remarried, and he only sees him occasionally, by appointment. He lives with his mother, who works at the hospital as a nurse.
His class starts a project. A project which is linked to the Old People's Home. Each member of the class partners up with an elder. The elders tell the children of their past, experiences, life and wisdom. Robert encounters Edith Sorrel. She sends him on a trip to Chance House. He then finds the courage to go and explore it. What he finds there, he uses to make a coat of feathers, just as Edith Sorrel asks him to. But why did Edith pick him? What has any of this got to do with him?

Just to show what a magnificent author Nicky Singer is, here is a part of book ..

'I don't know how many circuits of the room I make. Maybe fifteen. Maybe twenty. I look in and between things. I push my nails into the dirt cracks of floorboards. I peel off pieces of wallpaper to reveal nothing but dusty plaster.'

Feather Boy is an emotional story filled with a lot of drama and suspense. It's a very positive and satisfying read. I strongly recommend it!

Posted on January 2nd, 2008 at 11:19pm


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