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Okay, first off, everymonth now I will be posting a downlaod of a musical artist. In the blog it will not only containt the download link, but the title of the album the song was featured on aswell as the tracklist to it, when the cd came out, the bands name, a short bio, and anything else pertaining to the band. If you have a band you feel is good please send me a track in a PM, and if I feel it is good, or even that anyone here would actually like the track I will post it.

This month's download is
Taproot's song poem

The song poem was released on the album entitled "Welcome"
1 Mine
2 Poem
3 Everything
4 Art
5 Myself
6 When
7 Fault
8 Sometimes
9 Breathe
10 Like
11 Dreams
12 Time

The album Welcome was released in 2002 on Atlantic Records.
Other cd's By taproot are:
Taproot-Blue Sky Research[released in 2005]
Taproot- Gift[released in 2000]

Taproot is Steve Richards[vocals], Mike DeWolf[guitar], Jarrod Montague[drums], and Phil Lipscomb[bass]. Taproot Formed in 1997, in Ann Arbor, MI. In 1998 Taproot recorded their first demo tape, and sent it to Limp Bizkits Fred Durst. Taproot, not thinking that Fred would even respond, but were surprised when he did. Fred was planning on signing Taproot, but took entirely too long, and taproot in turn signed a deal with Atlantic records . Fred durst felt as though he had been betrayed and cursed Taproot, however they weren't even fazed. In june of 2000 Taproots first album "The gift" was released, exposing the world to their Thrash style, and heavy hooks. Taproot Performed at the 2000 ozzefest tour due to enormous support from Jack Osbourne[ozzy's son]. Due to this performance they created quite a buzz, especially with "Rolling Stone Magazine". Rolling Stone proclaimed them as "the next contenders for the new-metal crown." After ozzefest the spent 7 months in Los Angeles recording their second album "Welcome" Which was then released In 2002, peaking at #17 in the billboards top 200. Taproot released their third album Blue Sky Reasearch was released in 2005 creating yet another buzz. Blue-Sky Research Contained three tracks co-written by Billy Corgan.

video for Poem


If the download Link dies out, Please let me know. Aswell if you cant use sendspace so i can re-upload it. Thank you.
Posted on January 12th, 2008 at 11:36pm


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