How do I start this?

I'm making a blog to tell everyone how so many GSBians make me happy every single day. How they make me laugh, how they help me through hard times, how there's always someone on here you can talk to.

I remember how I found GSB. I was actually just being annoying to my friend, typing in random things in our msn conversation then pressing 'search' instead of 'send.'
So, on the 9th January '06, I typed in 'Green Day' and pressed search and what do you know? This amazing site called '' comes up.

I looked around for a while through Green Day's biographies, concert reviews, album reviews, and a couple of fanarts. Then I found the 'sign up' button. So, signing up, I found the journals. They became my home for a year.

As the year went past, I made new friends and changed a lot. I found more things out about Green Day and I would come on GSB every single day. I still do.

I remember when the new GSB came. It was on the 9th January, '07. Exactly one year since I signed up for GSB. So many people left over it, so many people got banned and so many people complained like hell. I sat there on the old GSB, making journals, trying to tell people it was 'just a new layout'. I don't think I suceeded :]

The reason I still come on GSB every day is because we're all a bunch of silly Green Day fans communicating with each other. We all joined this site because of one thing, and that's because we love Green Day. Yes, some of us have 'grown out' of Green Day, but some of us still love them to death.

Thanks to everyone on GSB for being so damn cool. :]

Posted on January 25th, 2008 at 02:29am


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