This is a rant. You don't have to read or comment, I just really need to get these things out.

So, school started again last week and I hate it. I have the worst teachers/the worst classes. If they're starting our course on our School Certificate for year 10, why on earth would they give us teachers who don't know anything?

My maths teacher, for instance, its completely oblivious to everything. I promised myself this year that I'd strive to do my homework/work in class. Being a naturally talkitive person, it's hard. I sit next to a complete robot who agrees with everything you say/do. She has no personality and she's quite boring so I get the temptations to turn around and talk to the people behind me, which I end up doing.

It doesn't help that my maths teacher doesn't check our homework. If she doesn't check our homework/get angry at us for not completing homework, what will make me do it? I can easily lie to my parents and tell them I've done it. I did it all of last year, what's to stop me this year? I have no self control.

My music teacher is a complete prick who cracks lame jokes every lesson. It's not just my teacher who turns me off of my favourite subject, its the fact that I can never get onto the piano. Joseph hogs the piano. I could play the piano in the other room but there's amps/drums being played in there all the time. I can't hear myself playing on that piano. I just want to change electives now, I really hate not being able to play music in the subject.

In Geography, my teacher has an awful voice and what makes it worse is that she speaks loudly. I'm next to this girl who speaks to the people on the other side of her, leaving me with nothing to do but eavesdrop on the 'popular's' conversations. Those conversations can be interesting, actually...

In History, I have another annoying voiced teacher. She speaks quite loudly, too, but she always emphasizes the word 'but'. Being immature, I have to stop myself from laughing almost everytime. Also, we're learning about Australian history, not something I'm particularly interested in. I'd rather learn about World War 2, I'm fascinated by that sort of information. Oh, and I used to sit next to this really nice girl but she moved to a different school so now I'm next to nobody. I wish she would come back, she was really nice...

Science. Jeez, where do I start. My teacher is the worst teacher. He has no personality, I don't think I've ever seen him smile and he is the most boring person alive. We haven't done one experiment since we started. In my science class last year, we did an experiment every day! I also have the most annoying people in my class. The type who talk and laugh really loudly, then deny it when the teacher calls them up to move. So annoying. At least Tiff's in my class.

For English, I was glad that I'd gone up a class. I was so happy that I had excelled in my learning. Well, anyway, I sat next to Claire on the first lesson but she said she "didn't want to reject edwina" so she'd have to swap between us. So, the lesson after that I sat next to Sophie because Emma was away. So, now I'm basically alone. Maybe a few lessons sitting with Claire but apart from that...I'm alone.

Then there's my old English teacher. She keeps stopping me in the hallway to tell me that I'd "better work my butt off this year or you'll go down a class" so basically, that just put more stress on my shoulders.

Oh, then she called me a snob for not saying hi to her when she came into our class. Thanks Miss Vergos.

French. Ah, the only subject I like at the moment. <3

Don't even get me started on PE. I got the same teacher as I got last year, the horrible, horrible, horrible Miss Stubbs. I hate her...a lot. She's horrible to every student then does her little smile when she's proved someone wrong. I hate her.

Oh, and for health I got the same old witch I had in year 7. I suppose being in an all girls sports class will make it a bit better, but she's still almost as horrible as Miss Stubbs... :/

So, I'm sorry if you read all of that, I just needed to get it all out. Surprisingly, there's more but they're more personal issues then school issues so I'll just leave them for now.

Posted on February 5th, 2008 at 02:38am


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