My friend....

I need some serious help on something that's been bothering me for a long long time and nobody seems to be helping in at my school with this, not even counselors, or teachers.

My friend, we'll call her Courtney. Courtney is mad at me for yelling at her, that I can understand but she always always complains about stuff not worth complaining about, and the fact she could fix what she is complaining very simply is getting me annoyed to no end. For example, we were at lunch and people kept offering her food but she's like 'no I don't need food, I'm fine, I had a huge breakfast.' This is normal for Courtney, she's a twig. But later she starts making a big scene about how hungry she is. This annoys me.

She's very jealous. If I don't pay attention to her 25/7, she gets on my case how I'm not a good friend and shouldn't even be talking to her. But whenever I do want to talk to her she's always distracted by people who have food or cigarettes.

Another thing, she keeps getting on my case because I'm a good student. How I'm such a nerd and how I need to 'rebel' against the "man." You see, I get along with adults, I hold good conversations with them because oftentimes they are the only mature ones in the entire classroom and they find me mature. That doesn't mean I'm a teacher's pet and if it does then whatever ok? I'll be a teacher's pet. Then when I tell her how it hurts (usually by yelling because she can't get it straight if I just tell it to her) she gets all "how she was just joking", I ask her to stop, she says ok. Next day it's the very same thing.

The last thing but it always annoys me the most. I'm a Christian, she's a self proclaimed Satanist. I think this is a big steaming load of nonsense. She doesn't go to any rituals and if she saw how sick they were, she'd throw up. At least I chose under my own right to become Christian, because I've seen satanists rituals, my friend took me. She chooses satanism because it's the ultimate sign of "rebellion" and how it keeps people away from her.

Now the real question is this. Am I just overreacting? Or should I just stay away from 'Courtney?'

I don't mean to be complaining but reading all of this, would you want a friend like this?
Posted on February 28th, 2008 at 08:30pm


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