How To Do A Mohawk.

I felt like making a blog, so I thought I'd do one on mohawk-ing. Most of you probably already know how to do it, but for those that don't, well, here you go.

It's actually a lot easier than most people think.

Things you'll need:
Hair-spray (This stuff is my favourite. You can make your hair do ANYTHING with this stuff)

Alright, step one... Seperate the hair! You can make it thicker, or thin if you like (I usually do it thin because I'm lazy and it's faster)

Yeah, take your comb and seperate the hair like this:


(Don't mind my face. End of day, make-up smudge etc...)

You can leave your bangs out if you like.

I usually seperate the hair all the way to the back for what is going to be my mohawk, then clip the sides to keep other hair from interfering.

Next, you basically hold that piece up and saturate it in hair spray. Yeah, use lots =]

After that, you take your hair-dryer and, while still holding it upright, blow-dry until it's dry, hard and crunchy and whatnot.

Then give it a final quick spray of hair-spray.

Soo.... That's pretty much it. All you do now is repeat those steps one piece after another until you have completed your mohawk.

You can use a small mirror to check your progress and fix things along the way, too.

Now what you do with the rest of your hair... Well, that's up to you. Most people I've done mohawks on put it in pigtails or something XD As for me, my hairs already short, so I just tuck it behind my ears.

Here's what I did quickly for this tut to show you roughly what it will look like. (It's unfinished cause I'm too lazy right now to do the whole thing lawl.)


But here's another one from a while ago where I have a full one:


Btw, this probably won't work if you have super long hair... so.. yeah.

Here's another tip: Some people replace the hairspray with gelatin. You can do this, or you can just use it on the tips if they're splitting =] I personally don't use it because it's made of ground of pig bones, but some people don't mind that.

So there you go. Now you can mohawk-ify your hair. Yay!
Posted on April 9th, 2008 at 11:38pm


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