Metal, A Dying Genre

Idea Of Blog:Metal, once a genre feared by parents and religeous groups alike, is now coming to the same fate it did in the late eighties.

In the eighties the "Glam Metal" scene came to an end. The end was caused by the introduction of Power Ballads.[The first powerballad in metal was by motley Crue on their "Theatre Of Pain" Album]. With powerballads emerging metalheads lost interest, and with the emerging grunge scene moved on to get the heavier music. This killed metal until the early to mid 90's when the group "Pantera"emerged, then it all changed.

Pantera a band from Arlington, Texas, brought back the heavy metal scene when they put out the album "Cowboys From Hell". The metal scene went up from there. Pantera released several more albums such as "Vulgar Display Of Power"," Far Beyond Driven" and others. They also launched other groups such as Down, Damage Plan, And Super Joint Ritual. As the years progressed more and more bands emerged making the genre even stronger, and taking it to extrememes never before seen. Bands like Marilyn Manson And The Spooky Kids, Slipknot, Disturbed, Devil Driver, Hatebreed. All of these bands created huge buzzes and touched new bases. Marilyn Manson a band from the early 90's as well being one of the largest. A band with an original heavy sound with the odd or downright scary image exploded its way into the heavy metal world when the hit single "Sweet dreams" came into play. [Originally done by the eurythmics]. Marilyn Manson became one of the hugest and largely protested bands. However it brought about new comings in the metal community. Slipknot, also became huge with the song "Wait and Bleed". They brought a heavy sound to a new generation of pissed off headbangers. Disturbed, and Hatebreed did the same thing. Devil Driver, showed the next level also. With their heavy guitars, insane drums, and great vocalists screaming. Metal continued to grow stronger and stronger with many other bandss emerging.

Up until now Metal has continued to grow. The new generation of metal is destroying an amazing genre. the "Melodic Metal" scene is destroying the genre. This type of metal is becoming huge. Older heavier bands are selling out to this in order to continue making money and mantain its fanbase. The melodic metal seems to be nothing but a genre of pop metal. Teen girls liking these bands just because they feel that the singer, or band is hot. bands like Bullet for My Valentine, Atreyu, Killswitch engage, or even Avenged sevenfold. Bands like these are killing the genre because they are so comercial , and are making it so hard for other bands who are actually original, talented, and are doing what its all about. Metal has always been about ass kicking, face melting, head banging music. Now it seems to be about which band has the hotter band members, which band has the better melodic singer, ect. The genre is dying, it wont be long before real bands arent around, and its all melodic garbage.The genre needs another band like pantera, or slipknot, disturbed, metallica or something to save it.

Ill be putting a better worded version up in a few days.
Posted on April 16th, 2008 at 11:39pm


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