Foxboro Hot Tubs = Green Day?


Just on a side note, this isn't a review or anything, this is just a bunch of thoughts I've been having recently.

So back in '06 or '07 Green Day said they would defintly be comming out with a new album some time in 2008. When it comes right down to the facts, they really didn't/ prolly arent going to. They made an entire new side project called Foxboro Hot Tubs, and are now going on tour for this new side project.

So for a while I was kinda ticked about this. THOSE DAM LIARS! Why does this always happen to me? Well after I got done whining and complaining, I decided to acually give Foxboro Hot Tubs a chance. So I listened and I liked. Its differen't, but not THAT different. I can still tell its the same 3 guys from Green Day. Its just a little more 60's sounding, and styled. Whats wrong with it? Persionally, I really like it.

So whats up with the whole new band name just for a different sound? Why not just release this new sound under the name Green Day? So its a change, who cares? Oh wait, I forgot, alot of people care. Remember how many old Green Day fans went crazy when American Idiot came out? They were complaining because Green Day changed their sound and style a little bit.

Now its all starting to make sence. They made this entire new side project becuase they didn't want to release it for Green Day. If they did, even more of their old fan basis would suddenly hate them just because its a little differen't. I think thats a little sad. People are so against change, they scared Green Day into making an entire new band, just because they wanted to experement with a different sound a style.

Well that sums up my thoughts on the topic, let me know what you think.
Posted on May 22nd, 2008 at 06:15pm


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