My message to the Moaners

Shut the hell up.

Seriously, I've had enough.
Honest to God, sick to death of all these people whinging, and cribbing and moaning about their lives.
Yeah, you know why your life is terrible? I'll tell you, your a moany, whingy, annoying person!

Now, on to explaining what I'm ranting about. I noticed a few days ago that the level of whinging on people's profiles has reached an all time high. [not just here, but on other sites too] Yes people, you moan.
Well, not all of you, but there are a few that excelled to the attention seeking level.
Now, I'll allow you a few moments to come up with a little pharagraph of your own about how inconsiderate I'm being, how I have no idea what those people's lives are like.... etc.
I'll tell you right now, so that you won't be moaning at me It's my opinion.
See, I italiced it for you and all.
Now, obviously, we all moan. I moan, hey I'm moaning right now. But really, there's moaning and there's just annoying. Come on, things are hard but seriously, they do get better. Just talk about it. And I know, it's difficult to talk about things with people, but trust me, it works.
If you don't want to go to a friend, a teacher or a parent - go the your local Chruch.
And yes, I know, a lot of you have hell bent rebel war going on with God, but a priest or nun are always great to talk to. Their sooooo understanding and helpful.

So come on people, give over the moaning if possible, and try and talk to someone. I swear it works......

Ok, this was more of a "there's always someone to talk to blog"

Posted on June 21st, 2008 at 10:19am


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