Anti-Flag/Time Bomb, Le Trabendo -- Friday, June 27, 2008


Anti-Flag always fail to deceive.


I started off by buying my ticket just HOURS before the show (no, it wasn't sold out), and left my house by 6:30 pm, only to arrive there an hour later...
On my way there, I met some people who were going to another concert at a nearby venue, and since they were lost I decided to take them. It turned out to be quite a fun trip, since the guy was really excited and his girlfriend was talking to me about concerts. It was funny because he thought I was misguiding them and taking them somewhere else, but he turned out to be messing around with me and both people were really nice, and thanked me in the end. ^_^
When I got out of the station, I saw some fellow Anti-Flag fans who told me they had seen the guys ordering food, but I knew that I didn't bring my t-shirt for nothing, so I continued walking and went inside the venue, which was smaller than I thought it would be. 20 minutes later, Time Bomb started playing, and to be quite honest they were pretty good, but some people spent quite an amount of money just for the supporting act and not the main act, which is a bit pointless...

Around 9:15 or so, they finally came on stage, and the crowd went WILD. When I say wild, I mean there were people moshing as soon as they heard the beginning of "Spit On Your Face", and ten minutes later I was sweating from EVERYWHERE. LITERALLY. However, despite the lack of water and the ridiculous amount of sweat trickling from my forehead, I had the BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. Seventeen songs were played, and they played two encores, two! Justin winked at me a few times, and that's when I knew he recognized me.
Since there were no security guards people went on stage and crowd surfed like no other, some of them patting the members on the back, hugging, and even kissing them on the cheek, which they didn't seem to mind. Around the last few songs, some girl got up on stage and danced around in flip flops and a skirt doing fuck all, showing off her "skills", yet she didn't know any of the songs, which pissed me off...
Despite the number of shoes I got in my spine, back, head, and getting back on my feet in the middle of the mosh pit without any help (seriously, they just continued!), they shook people's hands and when Justin saw me he gave me a big hug and said it was nice to see me again! ^__^ I asked him if they would stick around and he told me to wait outside, so I did... but not before I took a picture of us!

When he left, two girls who were in front of me talked to me, and we decided to wait together for the band. I told them about my previous experiences and when they came out, I helped them get autographs and pictures from everyone except Chris Head, who was hiding... After Justin came out we went up to him, and I made small talk about the next tour and the show. He still remembers me from 2006 and called me a sweetheart before giving me two kisses on the cheek (it's how you say hi and goodbye in France -- tradition?), and I promised him I'd see him for the New Year haha. The girls and I then found Chris #2, who was being interviewed, and I asked him if he was hiding or just being shy, to which he replied no. He took pictures with us, signed our ticket stubs and shirts, and at that moment I decided it was time we headed back, since it was 11:30 pm.

I'll scan the ticket stub soon, it's 2 am and I am too excited to sleep, but it was by far the best concert ever.

You can find the pics on LJ.

Setlist (not in order):
Spit In The Face
Death Of A Nation
Underground Network
The Press Corpse
Drink Drank Punk
Good And Ready
I'd Tell You But
The Bright Lights Of America
One Trillion Dollars
The Modern Rome Burning
If You Wanna Steal
Die For The Government
War Sucks, Let's Party!
Mind The G.A.T.T

This Is The End (encore #1)
Cities Burn (encore #1)

Power To The Peaceful (encore #2)
Posted on June 28th, 2008 at 10:44am


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