Should a man hit a woman?

Should men hit women?

This afternoon I was watching an episode of Maury on the Living channel. The episode was about controlling husbands who refused to let their wife’s have any social life, and they hit and insulted them. My boyfriend came in then, and he asked me the question “Should men hit women?”. Honestly, I couldn’t give him an answer. It’s a difficult question to answer, isn’t it.

Personally, I feel that a man should hit a woman back if the woman hit him first. I don’t believe in this crap about women being feeble and timid and that we need to be taken care of. I’m perfectly capable of standing up for myself. In this day and age, people call any man that hit’s a woman a ‘pig’ a ‘low life’ and ‘scum’. I think any man that hits and abuses a woman because he thinks he’s superior to her is a pig and a low life and scum.

But if he hits back in defence, I find nothing wrong with it. Nothing at all. I am a women and I know my boyfriend is a lot, lot stronger then I am. But all the same, if I hit him he has the right to hit back in self defence. I abused him first.

A lot of people say that there’s a line that is crossed. I’m sure you all know a woman who slaps a man because it’s a ‘womanly’ thing to do. Some people seriously believe that women have all the right to hit a man in an argument without expecting them to hit back. I think differently. I think if you hit him, you can well gear up for a good dig back.

It’s common knowledge of course that men are stronger than women, and that they sometimes don’t realise their own strength. Of course a dig from a man would hurt, but what do you expect? You hit him first.

I’ve seen it myself, when the man hits back and to be honest, in some situations, I feel no pity for the woman.

Not that I know how getting a full forced dig from a guy feels, ‘cause my boyfriend knows very well I’d leather him around the room if he touched me, but I seriously don’t understand why a man shouldn’t retaliate. I know there stronger, but you should know that too if you hit them first.

Yes, sometimes it happens through uncontrolled emotions and that’s when things get difficult. Guys are stronger, so maybe they should just hold the woman away from them. But if the woman is constantly hitting him, I feel they have all the right in the world to defend themselves. I don’t know! This is such a difficult topic.

Any ideas, comments? So difficult…
Posted on July 5th, 2008 at 04:39pm


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