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Im sitting here listening to Beautiful by James Blunt, and its got me thinking about love. Not the love you fall into, and get married and stuff, just the kinda love that gets you through the day, the moments your not gonna forget even if they get a bit blurry. All the moments you share with your friends and family that let you know that there is love there.
So I guess this Blog is a shout out to some of the people that I love, yeah so a lot of them are never gonna read this because they're not on GSB but I dont care, I just wanna write this down.

Chris: OK so he loses points because he has a square head, not really. I talk to him about everything, and by everything I mean girls. When I first met him he was shy, reserved and didnt get out much, but hes changed so much, he actually talks to girls now, and he hits people but most importantly hes got courage to do things he didnt before, and I like to think that I helped him with that.

Annie: Yeah we don't always see eye to eye some of the time, well a lot of the time, but we never have such a bad fight that one of us isnt prepared to apologise, or forgive, because we both know that it's suck without each other. I still have no idea why you fell for me, and I always felt bad for not going out with you, but I just didnt like you in that way and you would've got hurt, so I was only doing it for you.

Aaron: the metro of the community. We've been friends since about year one, and yeah we've had our tough times when we've fought or been isiots to each other. We got through them though, and thank god we did, it'd suck not having you around, and your fashion tips ('Its a crime against fashion'-direct quote). You copped a lot of shit for the whole Hannah thing, but Jesus you got something good out of it, you got Liz, and that makes you one lucky guy, and you know it.

My GSB friends: Amber, Andria, Skippy, Jersey, and everyone I know by username. You guys are so awesome, and you're pretty much the sole reasons my parents yell at me fot being on the internet for so long, but I dont care, because its worth staying on to talk to you all. Whether we're having a campfire in a corner, swapping underwear or talking about things that mean a lot to us all, I know youll all listen.

Jess: It's gonna suck so much when you go to America, who's gonna say 'Ya mum' in Bio just loud enough so Bolten can hear you? I don't want you to leave, I really don't, but it wouldn't be fair if I told you this because I know that this is what you've wanted for so long, andit's gonna be one of the best things youre gonna do, so Im going to support you.

Stella (Michelle): We were always friends, but it sucks that we started getting so close just before you were about to change schools, but I still see you a fair bit right? As long as I'm looking down a bit, cause you are a bit short, but you're so full of love and good advice that you make up for it.

Everyone from theatre: Youre really my second family, I have so much fun with you all, and it sucks when a show ends because I know im not gonna see you all for a while, but at least Ive got something to look forward to. Unless one of you isn't coming back, which always happens.

Liz: There's a reason I put you last, I know im gonna write a lot here and I didnt wanna forget what I was gonna write for the rest of them. You're my best friend and words cannot describe how much life would suck, well how much my life would suck if you weren't a part of it. We have so much in common, music, humor, and a need to quote almost anythign we watch ('the element of surpraaaah!'). You'd make a pretty awesome sister, except if you were my sister Id probably not spend nights holding you and vice versa while we watch movies and stuff, thats just incest. I talk to you about everything, and Im glad I have you. You know I use to like you, and I know you use to like me, but Im actually kinda glad that we didnt go out, because I would have done something to screw it up and we wouldnt be friends anymore. We've both been through similar things (I think we should introduce Shenae and Simon, they'd probably get along) and we've got through them, with help from each other. Youre one of the few people to see me cry, but when I stod on your balcony, and held you as we leant against the railing, I felt comfortable enough that I could just let it all out, and then Aaron and Stella joined in, and I felt happy in the darkest moment of my life. You're a complete clutz, but I wouldnt change it, becauase that would mean getting rid of memories like me carrying you to Centro after you'd manage to bung your foot an a swing, or me going to get you tissues for your nose when youd broken your hand falling off a cube (yes people a cube). You know I think you're one of the most beautiful girls Ive ever met, I know I hand out Hey Jimmy's frequently so that doesn't really cut it for you, I'd have to say you're Saint Jimmy (you see what I did there) and I mean that. Do us a favor and never change, just keeping being the ridiculously awesome you ok? As long as you're in my life, as my best friend, I'll keep living like I am now. Happy.

I think this line from Beautiful pretty much sums it all up:

"My life is brilliant,
My love is pure"
Posted on July 12th, 2008 at 06:43am


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