Life after GSB (through my point of view)

Like i stated in my blog entitled A Thank You i've made alot of friends here on gsb, and i've come to think of it as a home away from home. I've been thinking about the futures of all the people i've met on here, like what will alyssa do when she's older?, how many kids is marissa gonna have?, what will mike do to himself? will andie become famous? All of these thoughts just float through my mind, especially now as i find the binds of our once close family come slowly un-done.

But not only have i been thinking about their futures as one person, but my future without them. I always have my real life friends to lean on, but they don't understand as much as my friends on here. Who will be there to brighten my day when no one else will understand but you guys?

How ironic that i'm watching a movie based off friendship. Stand By Me, what a great title. That's exactly what friends are supposed to do, stand by you no matter what. As the movie was wrapping up the narrarator said something that hit me hard, because i knew it was just to true; friends come in and out of life like busboys at a resturant. Kind of silly but all to true, you know you'll make friends, some better than others and you know that one day you will have to part from those people no matter how close you are. GSB, i know that i'll lose all of you guys some day, but always know i'll remember you and the impact you made on my teenage years for the rest of my life.
Posted on July 14th, 2008 at 12:05pm


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