I don't drink.

I chose not to at this point in my life. All the people my age that drink do it to get drunk, and i just don't see the point behind this. This isn't a Blog telling you not to drink, thats your own personal choice to make and Im not gonna hate you if you do, or give you shit because of it.
I was at a party once and nearly everyone was drinking but me, I found it ironic that somene at this party called me a conformist for not drinking. I chose not to retaliate to this accusation because he was pretty drunk and I knew hed fight me if he did, because thats what alcohol does to him. I just thought it funny that the one of the few people at this part who wasn't either vomiting, fighting, having sex with strangers (some people were filmed doing this) unconcious because theyd taken too much of a legal drug was being called a conformist. Just because Im not deystroying my body with chemicals, doesn't make me Mr Conformity.
I havent been to another party like that one since then, I only went because the girl I liked was there, she was one of the people who said she didn't drink. She got drunk, vommited on herself and someone else who liked her started feeling her up and she barely knew what was going on. I lost the respect of a lot of people that night, and all because they were drinking.
I chose to sleep outside that night, it was Summer so it was warm, I lay on the trampoline, and someone I didnt know came and lay with me, she didn't drink, and she didn't want to be there. We talked for ages, but when I woke up she was gone, I still don't know who she was, it was too dark to see her well enough to describe her to someone.
Seeing everyone in the morning with hangovers, being sick in anyhting they could find and barely remembering anything, just made me wonder more why thye'd done what they had.

I will drink one day, but not to excess, and not while Im young, because any damage done to my body now, is almost impossible to undo.
Posted on August 1st, 2008 at 06:34am


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