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My faith has been restored in Australia Post, them having delivered my parcel to Germany and then delivering it back to my house when German Post failed at delivering it to it's intended recipient. Which just means that my faith has been lost in the German Postal system. I wrote the address on the parcel correctly. Letters I've sent to that address have been received before, this case, German Post fails me.


I've started my second semester of Uni last week. And the thing that is currently making my train trips enjoyable would be The Vampire Lestat. I get to read it for about 80 minutes a day so I should have it finished soon. I love discussing it with my sister in the evenings. She almost always lets something slip to do with the part I haven't read yet. Then she's all like "NO! I LIE!". At the moment I'm up to Armand's story. ...Armand will always be known as Antonio Banderas to me. Gotta love Interview With The Vampire movie!


On another note, this semester has gotten off to a good start with me actually doing work OUTSIDE of class. Which just proves that I can beat my own procrastination. I plan to do a lot of ongoing study, which will hopefully get me a couple of HD's this semester, instead of the regular D. .....D is Distinction..not...D as in..near Fail.


The Fratellis concert is awfully soon. On Wednesday in fact. The main thing I'm worried about now is that it's winter. So it's going to be cold going there and waiting outside, which makes me want to wear a large jacket -- my Mother would like me to take one too. However, I have a feeling it's going to be mighty hot inside, and as it's mostly standing, I don't want to be carrying around a large jacket. ...If only it was in a warmer month. I'm not complaining much though. I heard The Fratellis live at Splendor over Triple J on Saturday and they're amazing. Yay for the Scottish!


Interesting observation of the week: second year Uni students are much more friendly than first years. I find second years are more likely to talk to me and befriend me than the students in my own year. How odd is that? Maybe it's because I'm not like them. Or maybe it's because first years are scared of the new Uni experience still..


And on a big OMG note, The Doctor from Doctor Who has a daughter?! There's something seriously wrong with that. ....Oh, and I haven't seen that episode yet, only the preview. So no spoiling it for me if you've seen it already.
Posted on August 4th, 2008 at 06:18am


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