if you have a minute...

listen to me rant! how loverly.

i'm sick of all my friends. urgh.
infact, i'm just sick of people in general.
they're so annoying! but come to think of it, there is one person whos especially giving me the shits. she goes on all day saying how much she hates all these people, calling them sluts and whatnot, then when they're around her its like i don't even exist! and oh how that makes me feel. i'm sure most people on here can empathise.
she skipped my birthday party last year to go out smoking pot with this girl who just popped out of the blue (that's what she confessed to me)
every morning i go to school (GAK!) telling myself that i'm just not going to talk to her we'll go our seperate ways, but every day the same thing happens. i go crawling back to her like some sick dependant cripple. and it shits me up the wall!
whatever shall i do?

these two days that i've spent completely on my own, talking to people on here (Nina + other people on the message board ^__^) have been two of the best days i've had in a while. just some time to think and stuff...and pig out on yummies. Surprised
i've come to the conclusion that i really strongly dislike most of the things about reality. the fact that people can just turn around and stab you in the back, the fact that my green tea supply is nearly gone ;] , but i especially hate the fact that there are so many disrespectful and hateful people out there. but not on GSB,
all of the people that i have ever spoken to on here are so nice and understanding!

wow, if you read this ILY. really. i don't even know if it makes sense ^__^

well, nighty night then.

Posted on August 16th, 2008 at 06:40am


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