My week.


I really got stuck into Uni work during the past week. I actually did my readings properly and questions. So I'm all up to date on most aspects of it. I have to do some more work on databases. But I have tomorrow and Wednesday to catch up on it.

My main concern though is programming. I got my first programming assessment for this semester yesterday and it seems a bit hard. And what's confusing me even more is that the skeleton code for it was meant to be put up online..but the Assignments folder is empty. How am I meant to start the assessment?! Hopefully it's up by tomorrow.


I didn't make a journal about my outings of late, but I feel I should as I don't go "out" very often.

On the Saturday after my 19th, my friends - Lauren, Wes, Kris and Faiza took me to Pancakes on the Rocks for lunch. That was great fun. I had pancakes with chocolate icecream, chocolate sauce, cream, banana and walnuts. It was very rich, and very nice. But I could only eat half of it before I was full and felt like if I ate another mouthful I would blow up.

My friends had chocolate pancakes which my friends said "This is just cakemix in the shape of a pancake." I'm sure they tasted nice though.

After that we just walked around the city until we got tired. We also had a lot of fun in a candy store -- I bought a box of Jujyfruits and Kris bought a giant lollypop. Oh, and Wes bought a can of cherry coke which he said had a funny after taste.


The day after that, Sunday, my mother, sister and I went to see Cirque Du Soleil. This was my birthday present.

One word for it: AMAZING.

Although, the tent looks so much bigger on the television. The clowns were awesome though. It was great.


Last Saturday, another group of friends -- Duong, Lauren (same Lauren as before) and Gurpie, took me out to a German restaurant for dinner.

It was so much fun. We caught the train in and ended up getting there early. Our waiter -- George, was a very nice waiter. He had a German accent, so I'm guessing he was actually German. The food was quite nice too. Real expensive though.

After about four hours we left and walked around Circular Quay. The Harbour Bridge and Opera House looked really nice at night, all lit up.

OH, I almost forgot to mention, at the restaurant I had my first taste of alcohol. Yes, I know that seems weird, my first taste of alcohol is when I'm 19 years old when I've been legally allowed to drink for a year. But anyway, beer is quite disgusting. So I don't think I'll be drinking any again soon.


The Fratellis concert.

It was my very first concert. So I was a tad nervous about getting squished seeing as it was an all standing concert and I don't like people touching me.

My sister and I went to Maccas first and had some weirdo conversation of which a nerd sitting at the other end of the table to us (they were those long long tables they have at the city McDonald's) was listening into. He had a book open and was making like he was reading, but he wasn't turning the pages and he kept glancing over at us with an amused smile on his face. I hope we entertained him. He was cool.

Anyhoo, when we got to the venue to line up we were halfway down the street as we had spent too long in McDonald's. But, I didn't really mind as I had already decided that I didn't want to be near the front as I didn't want to get squashed.

When we got into the lobby there were two sides to the staircase. The guards were directing everybody to stand on the right hand side, so it was a loooong line. My sister and I went to stand in that line, when a guard goes "No, you two go up the other side." I was confused, but didn't complain. We got in ahead of everybody in that line..getting death stares as we walked up the stairs.

So, when we got into the actual venue there was a spot at the front and to the left a bit on the barrier. Ignoring what I had decided before, we took that spot up the front and it was the best decision we could have made.

The crowd wasn't very pushy where we were standing. So it ended up being an amazing night. They were only a few metres away from me. Very awesome.

I couldn't hear properly for the next week though.


I finished The Vampire Lestat today. AMAZING BOOK. It truly is. I could just move right on to read Queen Of The Damned now. But I actually planned to read American Gods by Neil Gaiman first. I met him back in May and got that book signed. It says "Siobhan - Believe! -NeilGaiman scribble signature-". My sister tells me that the "Believe!" part will make sense after I read the book. So, let's hope it does.

I also have to finish off Call of the Weird by Louis Theroux -- a book I've been reading before I go to bed about Louis Theroux's adventures in America. It's quite good...if you're a fan of Louis.


I also found two four leaf clovers today. It made me happy because I hadn't found any in a couple of weeks and that was getting me a bit bummed out. So now my four leaf clover tally is two months. Not too shabby.

Posted on August 17th, 2008 at 01:40am


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