Death Note

You know those 'have-to-know-what-happens' shows, where you can't take your eyes off the screen? Death Note is a perfect example. I spent twelve hours straight watching 28 of 37 episodes, and I must admit; I'm saddened, yet happy, it has come to an end. You know, sometimes when watching tv shows you think to yourself, "why didn't he/she just do that? That way he/she would get what he/she wanted." Death Note doesn't even have those flaws. The author has thought of everything, to the last detail. The most amazing thing is: if you watch closely during the first episodes, you can actually be able to figure out where it's gonna' end. Then to the plot.

Ryuk, a death god from the shinigami world, happens to drop his killing device, the death note into the human world. Light Yagami, student and son of police chief Yagami, finds the note and discovers by reading the rules included that he can kill whoever he wants by simply writing their name, and knowing their face, in the book. After forty seconds, unless you specific time/cause of death, the victim will die of a heart attack.
Light decides that he's going to create a perfect world with no criminals and him on top, and by watching the news he discreetly kills criminals broadcast on television. Eventually the governments all over the world notice the strange amount of healthy criminals dying from heart attacks, and figure out that a mass murderer that worldwide earns the name of Kira (Killer), both hated and worshipped, is behind this. The police has no chance of solving the mysterious deaths themselves, and therefore hire L, a detective who's solved the most mysterious cases all over the world. When the news reach the public eye, the Kira vs. L war takes off. A battle that only one of them can win.

That's all I can say without revealing the whole plot. The ending of the series was so extreme that I almost jumped off my chair. I was convinced my eyeballs were either gonna' pop out of my head or get stuck to the screen, in other words; this anime is definitely worth while, and I highly recommend it. To anime freaks who are familiar with fillers (especially goes to those who have watched Naruto Shippuuden), I can gladly reveal that there are no noticeable fillers in Death Note.


The Death Note anime contains 37 episodes in total, and the manga, 12 books. There are also three live action movies of Death Note; Death Note, The Last Name and L: Change the World. The series can be watched on veoh and of course youtube. Thanks for reading.
Posted on August 20th, 2008 at 04:44pm


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