Photoshop Tutorial: Rounded Edges on Pictures

Welcome, to a Lina tutorial blog-part 2!
So you'll be learning how to make rounded edges on pictures, yum.
It's mad easy but I don't think a lot of people know how to do it.
Yeah, so I guess you should first open photoshop. (uh duh)
Then open the picture you wish to give round edges too(I opened one of Jimmy).
To open a picture:
File > Open... > (find the picture on your computer) > Open
Now click on the Rectangular Marquee Tool,
and form a perimeter of what you want the outside of the picture to be.
Now let's make that baby curve.
To do that:
Select > Modify > Smooth...
Something should pop up that says Smooth Selection, and you can change the number to whatever your heart desires.
Click OK
The bigger the number the rounder the edge.
(I put mine to 10 btw).
And now you perimeter should be curved at the corners.
Still keeping the perimeter there on your keyboard hold down Control(Ctrl) then press the C button to copy the inside of the perimeter. Now hold down Control(Ctrl) and press the V button to paste it right on top making a new layer.
The 'Layer 1' is the new picture with the rounded edges.
So all you have to do is delete the background layer,
To Delete:
Just click the layer you want to delete(so it turns blue) then press the little trashcan symbol in the bottom right corner
and your picture now has rounded edges.
You may notice that there's nothing behind your picture, if you save it as a .gif file then it will stay that way but if you save it as a .jpg file then the empty corners will be filled in with white.
To save:
File > Save As... > (you can choose .gif or .jpg in the Format dropdown) > Save
The End.

p.s. This is how mine came out after I saved as a .gif file.

If you want a photoshop tutorial made out of something you want to know how to do PM me, I'll gladly make one.
Unless I don't know how to do it. x]

Posted on September 1st, 2008 at 12:26am


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