GSB: A History

The reason I'm writing this is because I was reminiscing about the good and bad old days of GSB. I've been here a pretty long time and have seen all these time periods myself. I guess I should state them, they are:

-The Old GSB
-The New GSB
-The Fake GSB
-The GSB Lockdown
-The GSB Rebellion
-The GSB Execution
-The GSB Depression
-The GSB Recovery
-Profile Virginities
-The Ad's
-The Boring GSB/Database Error

The Old GSB
For the people who never experienced it, The Old GSB was completely different to the GSB we see now. It had a different layout, a different story situation, no Blah Blah's but Journals and different people(you'll later read why a lot of those people aren't here). The old GSB had a different atmosphere then it does today, from what I remember if you weren't in the main group of friends, you were an epic fail(that was me). I never hung around the message boards, I hung around the Journals trying to get to know people. But when I wasn't attempting and failing at making friends I was writing and reading my comments for my story. At the time there was no Mibba, I'm not even sure if it was created yet for the stories were posted directly onto GSB. You can actually look at the way stories were presented here, that’s the way the stories looked anytime before December 2005 except there was usually comments under each chapter. When I asked people how to describe the old GSB this is what one person came up with that seemed overly accurate. GSB is a “Mother f-ckin' anarchy mixed with insane caption contests, crazy people, kids obsessing over Green Day and hilarious role plays.” For all those people that weren’t there, have you ever heard someone mention something call the OMGsb!!11? Well, the OMGsb!!11’s were what the layout changing thing was called. Now we just call them layouts but they were exactly the same thing now.
Two screenshots saved of the Old GSB by Threeam are here and here.

Do you ever wonder why people always post their icons they make? In March 2006, during the time of the Old GSB there was a site called Iconastic. Iconastic isn’t in service anymore, but it was a site for the sole purpose of posting icons/avatars you made and showing them off. You could freely look at everyone else’s work, and get inspiration for yourself. You could also rate and categorize your and other peoples icons.

As I said earlier, Mibba wasn’t created until January 2007, near end of the Old GSB time period. When it was created it was very foreign, I myself had no idea how to work it. Mibba complete changed the way stories were presented and read(not to mention you have to make another account to access them). People on GSB were stressing on what would happen to their stories, a lot of them never made it to Midda and can only be read if you go to the old stories link above. Mibba as we know also gave people a place to post their Poems they wrote, and have Journals again.

The New GSB
The same month Mibba was created so was the New GSB which was revolutionary and completely different. We lost some of our older members then because they didn't like the new format and decided it wasn't worth their time to hang around and figure it out. There was rapid bitching about the 'no more journals' ordeal and the many people who couldn't understand Mibba. There was a bountiful amount of “I miss the old GSB!,” but no such thing came back and the people either adjusted or left. For the people that hung around, it was awkward at first but soon became more addicting then the older GSB. The New GSB was also very fond of the idea of clubs, a few of the main one's were the Emo Mafia, The Tight Pants Club and Eyeliner Love(I made all those banners btw). They were a way of feeling united and people were often members of more than one. While this was happening the Blah Blahs were popping with gossip, mainly about either the New GSB, Green Day or just randomness.

The Fake GSB
Since Green Day was booming, so was GSB. People were joining left and right, and the Blah’s were streaming down the page. In the mix of insaneness, people were afraid to be themselves because this was the internet. Once you started to get to know someone it’d come quite clearly that they were not who they say they were. You’d sign on and then someone would inform you that so-and-so was actually a dude or actually a girl or vice-versa. Also you’d get those random people that would pretend to be Green Day, or family members, but they were always a joke. No one ever believed them and then they’d ‘come out’ and say they weren’t someone famous thinking that we were all fooled but we weren’t.

The GSB Lockdown
Did you know that GSB wasn’t always censored? Swears were very open on GSB, and were just asked to be kept to a minimum because of a vast age differences. Well, when emotions run high it’s not always easy to keep your vocabulary under control. People would go on rampages, dropping f, b, s-bombs all over the place causing a world war in a blah. The administrators had enough and banned it when people got too out of control on the Tag Board. Which lead to new rules on GSB and censorship.

The GSB Rebellion
In the midst of everything of the New GSB and the Lockdown GSB civilians were angry and created a forum on a site called JWO, Journal Whore Orphanage. If you even join the site now you will get banned. JWO had forums, where swearing was allowed and you were allow to drop bombs on GSB and criticize it. Once the administrators found out about the mutiny against GSB, there was some consequences.

The GSB Execution
The GSB Execution was the mass banning of people from GSB. They banned any person from GSB who joined the JWO site, which ended up being a great deal of the Blah Blah population. What made the situation worse was that people thought, if they tried to fight against the administrators they’d be able to get their friends back on GSB. They were wrong, when they posted rude, impolite and means things(including bombs) against the administrators, in the fight for their friends and lost. They were banned too.

The GSB Depression
The GSB Depression was a time period that overlapped with the GSB Execution. Since everyone’s friends were getting themselves banned, no one was in a good mood. The only reason people signed onto the site was to know whether or not they were banned or their friends were. People were more upset than angry about not being able to talk to people they’re met online, for many of them GSB was their only way of communication. People were scramming about trying to find out everyone’s MSN, AIM or email addresses so that they could try and communicate again. The blah’s were slow during this time period and no one making jokes, since no one would laugh at them, they GSB Depression sure was depressing.

The GSB Recovery
After a long while of not talking to people, the spirit of the New GSB was coming back. More people were joining, not replacing the former members but just filling their space and creating more topics to talk about. People weren’t angry with the GSB administrators anymore but were apologizing for the way they were acting, since the reason for the rules and the bannings was their fault. GSB was full of life again. The people’s main thoughts may not have been what color Billie Joe’s hair was but it didn’t matter, people were cheerful again.

Profile Virginities/Noob Owning
Yes, GSBians were cheerful but they were also very perverted and started creating games to play on the new members. A main one was Profile Virginities. Profile Virginities was a sport to try and be the first person to comment a noob’s profile. You kept count and basically just bragged about how many you took. Another thing was that was very popular was owning a new GSB member which was you basically commenting their profile and telling them that you owned them and that’s that.

The Ad’s
There was a time when GSB was gossiping about the random and unwanted ad’s at the bottom of
everyone’s profile. I remember signing in, going to my profile looking for new comments and seeing an ad for Avenged Sevenfold ringtones. The ad’s were mostly for ringtones and small things that you could buy online. Thankfully they didn’t last very long because the ad’s messed up the look of peoples profiles and made the site seem more like other sites.

The Boring GSB/Database Error
The Boring GSB started at in the summer of 2008 and can’t be described better than this:
Boring GSB is what you get when all the fun people (fakes) leave, and there are no teenies to giggle at. When (and if) Green Day come out with a new album, the circle will start over, I think. Beginning with n00bs and fakes, and ending with Boring GSB. It's like GSB is in a coma, with small brain activity. It needs to wake the hell up.” - Mindy

The database error started at the same time as the boring GSB, putting them in the same category. The database error is the GSB stage that GSBians are currently in, it is basically put like this: Half the time you click on a page that navigates somewhere on GSB you have a 28% chance that it will send you a message saying 'database error' forcing you to press the refresh button. It may not seem that bad at first but after a long time the people of GSB get agitated and many sign offline.

Yes, this wasn’t a heart filled tear-jerker because the point of this blog is also to tell all the new people joining and the seniors to not sit around be a lazy asses. Try and be funny, optimistic, and full of life because this site lost it’s spark. If you want blah comments, comment everyone else’s blah, vice versa.


Posted on September 14th, 2008 at 09:36pm


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