So there's this guy... college who i like a fair bit tehe

It started about 3 weeks ago when he drew a really good star so I asked him how he did it.
He taught me and then I started drawing stars on his he drew them on mine.
Then he drew them on my arm so I drew them on his.

He sat next to me in Psychology from then on and he always made me laugh.

One lunch time he asked if me and my friends wanted to go to Subway with him, so I said yes.

The lesson after lunch I whispered to my friend "I think I like him a little bit" Shifty

The next day we all went to lunch together again and after lunch he was in one of my classes he wasn't normally in.
I asked him why and he said he'd changed classes but wouldn't tell me why.

So from then we were hanging round together a lot, with him resting his legs on mine, doing my make up and letting me touch his hair...and things were going along nicely...and I actually thought he might like me a little bit too.

However, one sociology lesson, a girl found out I liked the guy and she decided to announce it to the whole class [which luckily, he wasn't in]
It spread around college so fast though, and everytime he walked into the room everyone was like "AWWW! You're little face just lit up!" and it was getting embarassing.
The guy also knew it had been announced who I fancied but luckily he didn't find out it was him. He told me though that I should tell "the guy" I liked him before he found out from someone else. the next day he asked me why he was the only person in college who didn't know who I fancied.
I told him that if he used his brain he should be able to figure that out for himself.
He knew then it was him and replied with "You have a really bad taste in guys"
..and then there was one of those awful awkward silences, which he broke by saying "oh no! Awkward silence!" and then we started talking about random stuff.
Trouble is, we haven't mentioned the whole "I like you" thing since Confused

He was really good about it though I guess as I thought he'd be less "touchy-feely" if he knew I liked him...but everything has gone completley back to normal.

The only problem now is that I haven't a clue where I stand with him and it's been nearly 2 weeks since I told him I liked him and it's going to be so awkward to bring up again.
Plus, surely now he knows how I feel it's up to him to bring it up?
I would have assumed because he didn't say he liked me too that he doesn't like me back, but everyone I know is saying he does, like he called me pretty the other day...

GRRR! I just don't know what to do! Should I bring it up [if so, how?] or should I just wait for him? Do you think he likes me or not? If he does why isn't he saying anything?!

Posted on October 18th, 2008 at 05:23am


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