soy un perdedor

i've repeatedly made attempts to try and be heard, to be nice and get along with them,
but they keep ignoring me, like they don't want me there, and they most likely don't.
This whole year has been kind of torturous for me, school-wise.
i wanted this year to be one of the best, seeing as i'm starting VCE in 2009 and this is my last year to muck around.
at first i was quiet and sort of uncomfortable around some girls in my class, i hardly knew them. but then it just started getting ridiculous.
and i tried, i honestly tried to get to know them and make friends, but apparantly it wasn't good enough. i never spoke up, i didn't really make many efforts...thats what i've been hearing from my only friend in the class.
so i tried again, with "more effort", but it still didn't work, so i just gave up.
but now i look around at my classmates, and they all seem to be as close as they could possibly get. they say "this is the best class i've ever been in" and i wonder why that didn't happen for me. i feel left out in everything we do as a class. they seem to be having the times of their lives and i'm left sitting in the corner with noone to talk to. even my friend leaves me to go and sit with them, and to be honest, it scares the shit out of me. what's going to happen to me next year when i'm all by myself?
i seem to have lost the ability to make friends, well, at least thats what it feels like.

Posted on October 30th, 2008 at 05:33am


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