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I love eating. Most of all I love Mexican food. And I love spaghetti and lasagna and pizza. And Chocolate - oh my God chocolate is heaven. And ice cream. I also love all kinds of fruits: kiwi and oranges and apples and pineapple and cherries and strawberries. Chocolate fondue with fruits - could it get any better?


I could spend all day eating. Right now, while writing this blog, I'm eating chocolate. And at work (I work on the computer) I eat fruits and cupcakes and sweets and noodles. Especially when you sit on a table all day it's so tempting to put something to eat next to you and to eat titbits.

But I used to be different. About a year ago I was barely eating. I was depressed, well I don't know if that's the right word. I wasn't depressed in a medical kind of sense. I was feeling really down and sad for a rather long while. And I cried a lot. When I'm or worried, concerned, nervous or sad I cannot eat. I just can't. And during that time I was feeling like that a lot. It was very hard time for me. I lost 4 kilogram, which doesn't sound like a lot at all but regarding that I already didn't weight much at all it was a hell lot that I lost.

And now, a year later, I find myself happier than I've ever been, and I find myself eating more than I've ever eaten. And I've gained weight, I'm happy I'm back to normal weight. And even if some people, like my boyfriend's parents, still think I'm too thin, I know it's not a problem because I eat enough.

Moreover, I am discovering more and more things that I like. My boyfriend is a chef, so I get to eat lots of yummy yummy things. And things that I have never eaten before, or things that I normally didn't like but that actually tasted great when he cooked it for me.

I love food. And I love eating, especially when you cook together with the person you love, drink some vine, and have a nice romantic dinner.


GSB, what is your favourite kind of food? The picture above is mine.


Posted on November 11th, 2008 at 12:14pm


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