It Was Enchatement.

I stuck my tongue out as much as I could
And the air felt edible,
And life was fresh.

Your common sense was replaced
With entertainment and I understood
That you could taste the sky too
And the stars and the ground
-they were all so sweet.

In exquisite joys we have bathed
And shared our stories in strange languages,
-you have recited verses
And I got rid of all our last pains.

The sun was alluring
And your music constantly broken
With my laughter.

I saw you die happily in my arms;
It was enchantment.

I have realized that I am too shy about the things I write and maybe posting it here will help me get some feedback and be more confident about the whole thing. I just want to try to do better and be better.

I dont think this poem needs mich explanation. It just celebrates the joy and happiness of life and love.
Posted on November 13th, 2008 at 03:53pm


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