Aussie Test

I saw this on MFA and thought it would be a good idea for a blog. What you had to do was put an X next to everything you've done thats classed as Australian. Here's what I put X's next to:

1. You have been to at least 1 AFL football game in your life.

2. You use to or do watch Countdown.

3. You know and like the song Land Down Under by Men At work.

4. You've tasted VB or MB.

5. You've seen the movie Rabbit Proof Fence.

6. You've smoked a Winfield ciggarette.

7. You eat meat pies at least once a week.

8. You have barbecues in the summer.

9. You listen to bands like Midnight Oil and Icehouse on long drives.

10. You know the words to the song Eagle Rock.

11. You like at least 1 Kylie Minogue song.

12. You've fed a Kangaroo.

13. You've held or cuddled a Koala.

14. You've been to the Gold Coast at least once in your life.

15. You're a Jimmy Barnes or John Farnham fan.

16. You say words like G'day, Mate and Bloody.

17. You love the country.

18. You love the outback.

19. You have the Australian Flag somewhere in your house.

20. You call sausages Snags.

21. You like at least 3 Australian 80s bands.

22. You listen to Triple M.

23. You've read Deadly Unna?

24. You know someone who smokes Rollie ciggarettes.

25. You know how to cook meat.

26. You love AC/DC so much that you would bow down to them.

27. You have played a guitar at least once in your life.

28. You've been out of your home state at least once.

29. You watch Deal Or No Deal.

30. You'd smash anyone who would say 1 bad thing about Australia.

I got 30 out of 35. The other 5 were about motor cross racing and I don't know anything about that. If you come from Australia please take the test and tell me your answers. It's a really fun test to take. Some of the questions, especially number 26, made me laugh. Have fun
Posted on November 25th, 2008 at 12:42am


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