Two long years without one of my best friends.

Tomorrow, two years ago, I lost one of my best friends to suicide. It’s been two whole years since I’ve seen Darragh, two whole years since I’ve spoken to him.
It’s been two whole years and it still hurts as much as it did the moment I found out. I’ll remember that moment for the rest of my life, and it’ll still hurt as much twenty years from now.

Darragh was one of those people that had a few enemies but many, many friends. He was so loveable that people from all different ‘social groups’ loved him. He was smart, kind and one of the funniest people I’ll ever know. I don’t remember much from when I first met Darragh but I do know I liked him straight away. Sure, sometimes I’d tell him that he was annoying me most of the time, because he was like that, but he was still such a good friend to me.
We had private jokes with each other, we’d make up bands together and we’d even have silly arguments that never lasted long.
Darragh was always too loud, which we’d give out to him for, but he never listened. He’d often get us in trouble or thrown out of public places for being loud but that was just Darragh, the Darragh we knew and loved.

I think about him every single day, and I miss him more as days go on. The day he passed away and the few days after were the worst days of my life. I know that I never want to go through something like that again. Can you imagine the pain of losing one of your best friends to suicide at the age of 14? I was numb. That’s the only way to explain it. I do know though that if I hadn’t of had my friends to go through that with, I wouldn’t have got through it. I remember just clinging to them for days after, feeling numb with so many thoughts going through my head. None of us know why he did it. Why he felt that he had to do something like that.
It was the most unexpected thing ever. From what we knew, Darragh was happy. He always was. Maybe he had just had enough.

So tomorrow evening I have an anniversary mass for him. I’m dreading it. Seeing his poor family who are still heartbroken, as we all are. Heartbroken is the only way to describe how I’m still feeling two years later.
I know I’ll always remember Darragh Glavin as the happy teenager who changed my life. I’ll miss and love him always and forever until one day when I know we’ll meet again.

Fucking hell Sad It hurts so much to even write this all down.

Rest In Peace Glavo x
Posted on December 7th, 2008 at 04:43pm


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