Life with my stepdad, Lindsay

The last time I saw him was in 2006. I haven't seen or spoken to him since then. And I'm glad hes out of my life and here's why:

He met my mum in 1999 and they got together in 2000. That year he was sent to jail for drink driving and physical abuse. I was only 7 at the time so I don't how long he was in jail for. When he got out of jail he wasn't just abusing my mum he was also abusing me, my brother Caine and my sisters Amanda and Rhiannon. Amanda and Caine were the lucky ones because they were older. Amanda had moved out and Caine was spending as much time as he could at his friend's houses. Whereas me and Rhiannon were always getting yelled at, smacked and verbally abused. Now, he did worse things to Rhiannon than he did to me, but it made me scared of him. I wouldn't even sit in a room alone with him, if my mum was there I felt save because I knew she would stick up for me. She always stuck up for me and my siblings.

In 2001 and 2002 my mum and Lindsay were fighting a lot more than usual. It was always Lindsay's fault; He'd lie to my mum about drinking and going out. He'd say that he was going to the bank or to work and he'd come home stinking of beer, and because he worked in sheetmetal he couldn't drink while he was working. Whenever mum was out he'd say to me or Rhiannon that he was going to the pub and we weren't aloud to tell mum where he was or we'd be sorry. Every weekend mum would kick Lindsay out of the house and let him back in by Monday morning.

In 2003 he was in really bad motorbike accident. He and mum had a fight the night before the accident and he left on his motorbike. The next day no one saw him except his best friend Baz. Mum had rung Baz earlier and asked him to call her if Lindsay turned up at his house, Baz said he'd call if he saw Lindsay. Lindsay did turn up at Baz's house, but Baz didn't call mum like he'd promised. That afternoon he rang mum and said that Lindsay had just left his house, well did mum hit the roof or what? She was as mad as hell. She got even madder when Baz said that Lindsay had been drinking and left on the motorbike. Now, me and Rhiannon had learned when we really young to stay out mum's way when she was really mad.

That night two policeman came round to our house and said that Lindsay had been in a motorbike accident and was being flown to the Alfred hospital. Mum called our next door neighbors and asked them to look after me and Rhiannon until we were in bed.
Lindsay broke his neck, went blind in his right eye and suffered brain damage. He was in coma for a while. Because of his broken neck he had to wear a halo. When he got the halo taken off he was even worse than before he had the accident; he was yelling at me and Rhiannon for anything and everything. One afternoon he came home from work and called me and Rhiannon bitches and threatened Rhiannon's boyfriend John.

In 2005 mum came home from work at 10:00pm and found Lindsay in the garage shooting speed into his arm. That was the last straw. Mum literally threw him out the back gate and told him to never come back. A few days later mum got a call from the Frankston hospital saying that Lindsay was in another drunken motorbike accident, this one wasn't as bad as the last one, he wasn't in a coma, he only broke his leg, but mum still didn't take any responsibility for him. I overheard her talking to Lindsay on the phone, she said "I only want the best for my kids, and ever since I've been with you you've made them scared to live in their own f****n home. So f**k off and stay out my life and my kids life".

The last time I saw him, he had came round to our house high on speed and stinking off alcohol. Unfortunately I was the one who answered the door, all Lindsay said was "Hi daughter. I wuv you" I didn't believe him. I tried to shut the door but at that time my mum and my biological dad had gotten back together and my dad had said that if he ever saw Lindsay he was gonna hurt him, and he stood by what he said because as I went to shut the front door dad had come up behind me, told me to go to my room. All I heard was fighting from the front yard. When Lindsay had left dad came into my room and told me not worry anymore. Lindsay was gone he wasn't coming back.

Living with Lindsay made me fear for my own life. Everyday I was scared that I was gonna die. I have no idea where Lindsay is now. Last I heard he was in jail for driving with a suspended license while drunk.

For almost two years I've wanted to tell this. I've written a story about it, except I used different names for my sister's, brother and Lindsay. Since I've been on GSB I've been confident enough to be able to tell people about this. It was a scary experience. I never thought that a human being would make me fear for my own life.
Posted on December 10th, 2008 at 01:04am


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