I Love You Guys. EDIT

Okay, so I saw Andie's blog, and wanted to make one for myself.
There are people in my life that i love to death, and that i would do anything for....
here are some.

Andie- Ahh, she is my brain twin, what can i say, i always know when something is wrong with her. Or when something is bothering her... She has always been there for me, and i am totally surprised that she has only been pissed at me once. its a miracle. I'd do anything for her. She has saved my sorry arse from the end more than once. and i cant thank her enough for that... and after all, i am her CottonHeadedNinaMuggins.

Fionn- Oh, what to say about him. He is my Irishman. ~~ my gay farmer irishman. and obv i love him to death. And obv, I'd die if i heard his voice xD -sorry, has a thing for hearing Irishmen talk-
you know I'll always love you, and ill always be here for you.

Heath- Well, he is my heath bar. and no one can call him that but me. File
I love him to death, and argue a lot with him about who grounds who, and about where we are all going to live. I am his NinaPuff, Be jealous. hes cooler than you. File

Derek- Hes been through a lot, and im sure will go through even more. but you know, ill be there for him through it all, because frankly idk what i would do without him. i think ive only yelled at him twice... but honestly, that was fro his own good. File and i have been forgiven. I am his pet Griffin, and i am the best pet in the history of pets, so again, be jealous. hes is also cooler than you. i love him to death.

Mike- okay sure, you piss me off a lot, but i still totally adore you, you know im here for you when you need me.
and i dont know why, but you have been there for me. it means a lot. thank you.

Skitty- I love you to death skit. I know you worry a lot, and i just wanna tell you that ill be there no matter what you know? I'm not going to get mad at you for nothing. i never do that. and i dont plan to start now.

I love you all, you are all wonderful. Thank you all for being such great friends.

-huggles you all-
Posted on December 25th, 2008 at 03:49pm


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