Green Day

I think it's about time I write a blog about these boys from the Bay Area. I'm not going to lie, I discovered Green Day through Boulevard Of Broken Dreams and American Idiot. I did however, once my interest in them increased, go out and buy their older albums. They were one of the greatest pathways into bands for me, leading to bands like the Clash, Op Ivy, Bad Religion, and the Dead Kennedys. I can't even begin to describe how much I love this band.

It's also come to my attention that some people on here have stopped liking Green Day for the following reasons: a) they are taking too long with the album, b) American Idiot was a horrible album/they turned into sell-outs ect.

Yes, it has been 4/5 years since American Idiot came out. Yes, it's been a long time and we've all been waiting like crazy for the new album. The fact is, American Idiot was a huge success, and to make a follow-up album isn't going to be easy. My guess as to why the album is taking so long is because they want to make sure it is 100% up to their standards. Just think, if they went and rushed out an album a year after American Idiot, how much of a toll would it take on the guys. They are humans, just like anyone else, and they need rest, not to mention that they are husbands and fathers, and they deserve to spend time with their families.

Yes, American Idiot did launch them to huge success. Yes, they were wearing eyeliner and whatnot. And yes, Billie Joe was on the cover of pretty much every teenybopper magazine. Was any of this their fault? Did Billie Joe call up Tiger Beat Magazine and say "Hey, put me on the cover!” I highly doubt that and I highly doubt that the band was trying to get as much success as they did with American Idiot. The thing is, when they were recording it, do you think that they knew it was going to blow up? Or do you think that they just busted their asses to make another great album that they put all their hearts into? Now I ask you, how did they sell out? Was it because they became popular? Was it because they changed their sound? As far as I'm concerned, the term sell out is very one-sided and usually comes from people who can't handle their favorite bands having more then 1000 fans.

I'm sorry if anyone gets offended or whatnot about this, but these are my straight forward opinions about the band. They will always be one of my favorite bands. As for the new album? I couldn't be more excited about it. There hasn't been one Green Day album I hate so far, and I'm sure that there won't be one in the future. So Billie, Mike, and Tre, thank you guys for being a fucking amazing band and putting about amazing records and leading me to great bands.

Posted on January 29th, 2009 at 09:51pm


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