Deus Corpum Rapit ("God Steals the Body")

This is called Deus Corpum Rapit, which literally means "God Steals the Body" and I would like to hear what meaning you have gathered from this... and general comments too would be nice

Your body is composed of rusty screws and broken parts
The system always fails even after many restarts
Your lungs have a record of collapsing as I’ve read from the charts
The first person I’ve known to make dying such an art

Hey, the sandman’s gonna close your eyes with his old fingertips
Now’s the time to come inside, give you one last kiss on the lips
Hope you had some faith, bet every last one of your poker chips
I will hold your hand when you heave that sigh into the pillowslip

And I can’t let you go
I can’t let you go

The sun is finally taking its leave as it settles in the West
And in its fervid embrace holding everything I had left
Tears are not reserved for those who are not blessed
Merely strongly discouraged by popular request

And I can’t let you go
I can’t let you go

Stone cold, so cold
Death was always just a fairytale
What He told, I told
No thought behind the veil

And I can’t let you go,
I can’t let you go

You will have to go
And I will never let you go

Posted on February 20th, 2009 at 02:23am


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